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  1. Jagdishh Kamani

    Mam normal oats use kr sakte h kya

  2. Iam Rajdeep

    After ur egg diet i will try oats roti diet

  3. Mahrani Amjad

    Can you keep the dough to use later on.. for how many days can we keep it in the fridge. .


    Leave about the video but u r voice is superb….

  5. Vidya B

    Amzing recipe…. just tried…..
    Infact i didnt sieve to retain more fiber yet rotis came very well n tasty too….

    I got 4 medium size rotis from 1 cup (50gms) of oats…

  6. anam butt

    Hy dear during the Breast-feeding we can use this roti ?

  7. drsalma momina

    Can pregnant woman have oats roti?

  8. Faizah khurram

    please mkai ya corns ki roti b bnaen for weight loss can it help?

  9. Abeeraazhar Laps

    Madam plz tell how many calories each roti contains, normal size roti? Plz explain the caloric value in all ur diet roti videos,
    Thanks. From Pakistan

  10. Mrs Sana

    Can we store them in freezer?

  11. Chaitra Vg

    Can we skip olive oil ?

  12. Sonia Dooley

    Is there no rising agent

  13. sarfaraz Khasdar

    can i use roti maker for oats rotis????

  14. Jackie Sokau

    Greatful for you sharing this. I'm trying them out now. Will adding some masala powder for flavor jus because I love the taste be ok?

  15. Snoopy Prieto

    They look just like tortillas, I will make some today using my tortilla press.😀

  16. RishigamerTV

    Can we store aata in fridge? I can’t make the fresh aata everyday.

  17. Sadiya Naaz

    Ghee kyu wght gain ka video h kya😏

  18. marjum karlo

    You explain it so nicely Even a non cook can easily understand

  19. marjum karlo

    Thank you so much #vicky I was trying to make oats and sesame seeds roti with atta but end up with broken rotis …now I'm gonna try this tricks 😎

  20. Anju S. Vasu

    I didn't filter & used a poori maker instead.. (to save the time😎)
    So, although I expected a disaster, it turned out to be nice & tasty..
    Thanku Vicky.. as always… 🙂

  21. Jayashree Shreedharan


  22. Dilcia Seecharan

    Wooow great idea

  23. Mathumithaa RS

    Thanku dear u r awesome

  24. Maha Naqvi

    At one time how many can we eat to lose weight?

  25. Titia Hailey

    Your voice is so soothing I can listen to you all day long

  26. sharmeane Peries

    Great thank u.

  27. priyangaa M

    This is rolled oats or Normal oats

  28. Patrina Mitchell

    Great video

  29. Gautam Das

    Hi Vicky can I add 1 tablespoon of flax seeds in the oats dough..


    You sounded like an old radio announcer…. Clear, crisp and audible..

  31. Mix rasoi recipes

    Great very helpful full video thanks I will try

  32. Cheryl Fanson

    I will definitely be trying this recipe. It's so quick, affordable and convenient.

  33. dynamo speb

    I like the perfect shape of roti cutter 😁😁😁😁😁👍

  34. cookie k

    Make with besan, grate carrots, courgettes, coriander leaves, chopped chillies, salt, turmeric and chilli powder mix and make thin batter and then using spray oil make like pancakes. Eat with yogurt mint sauce or any curries.

  35. Ritz Star

    Vow nice recipe ..your voice is so enchanting

  36. Khis Abraham

    Nice subtitute for white rice

  37. Simple & Mindful Living

    This is the best & helpful video I came across.Thank you!

  38. Meenakshi Bhati

    You have nice voice

  39. Sadia's Rannaghor

    Nice recepie

  40. Anis Ramani

    Mesmerising voice…
    And of course wonderful recipe.

  41. Anamika panchal


  42. Suzana R

    Also can I use low fat melted butter instead of olive oil?

  43. Suzana R

    Hi Vicky. For how many days I eat the roti? Is it breakfast, lunch, dinner? How many in one go? Thanks

  44. anuradha liyanage

    Wow thank you so much
    I buy 2 bag of oats
    Few month a go
    So i don't know what to do with that
    I'm on diet
    But i don't want to eat everyday oats same way.
    So this give me new idea
    Thanks again is look yummy i'll try it 👍 👌 👌 👌 👌

  45. Anitha G

    I have tried….it tastes gud

  46. Yashswi BHADAURIA

    What do we say oats in hindi?

  47. Pragnareddy Maggamworks


  48. Tina Murday

    U have beautiful hands

  49. bevvy c

    How can I get some colour in these rotis?


    Can I kip the dough for 2-3 days

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