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  1. Sukh Thind Pehowa Sukhjinder Singh

    tera haath kitna motta hai mooto

  2. ainy kashif

    can we take rhis salad in dinner?

  3. Hakima Jaghori

    Does this salad really helps to reduce belly fat

  4. Muhid Bhatti


  5. Hira khan

    V.v.v.v. easy

  6. sania Khan

    Oil ka aur use kar sat hai

  7. Garima Arora

    Shall we add cabbage instead of iceberg

  8. shariq hashmi

    At waht time can we take this salad


    what is iceberg your first ingredient

  10. Mohini Gupta

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  11. Enamanamelluri Bhanu

    what is ice berg we don't know can you please tell us

  12. cute rabia

    Can I prepare this in the morning and have in the afternoon

  13. earlibee

    Are those raw onions? I would rather cook them since raw onions tastes can be overwhelming.

  14. Vinothkumar 549

    what is night diet food

  15. Memona Habib


  16. Mrs

    olive oil bhi kya weight loose krny ki property rakhta hh

  17. Carmina dela Merced

    where can u get iceberg? aside from cold countries?

  18. Kondal Nookala

    Awesome receipe

  19. Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury

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    threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily
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    is best to search Fenoboci Diet Plan on google since it is not just
    another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  20. Rizal Alamsyah

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  21. marjorie ferrer

    can i ask if the taste of it is good?

  22. srikanth sagar

    may I know which Olive oil did u use?

  23. darshana suntwal

    Can we u sunflower oil except olive oil

  24. Maria Khalid

    kiya m yee ly sakti Ho m mared ho Abi baby nhi hai

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