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  1. snehal dubey

    I want to join

  2. A.R S.K

    kuch abhi

  3. Manab Mahanta

    Konsa supplement use kiya???

  4. sanaya hoorain

    Awesome superb mind blowing speech less unbelievable journey hats off 👌👍✌

  5. Ayaz Ahmed

    ماشاءاللہ بہت اچھا لگا

  6. Manoj Agnihotri

    You are so beautiful. Love u

  7. Pinky patel

    God bless n stay blessed

  8. Abhishek Khokhar

    Thanks FITTR for posting such incredible videos. Hats off to your channel❤️.

  9. Science Point Kurukshetra

    Grt job, my weight is also in triple digits what z to-do, how z to-do, it's a huge and biggest question for me, for my life. Plz guide

  10. Vishnu Cs

    Great mam

  11. Umer Zaffar

    Man! The way this channel makes videos it makes it seem like all these people got stage fuckin 4 cancer and then they cured it themselves… Working out and excersing is actually not that much hard as most people think it is…..

  12. Pradip Malakar


  13. Vinita Patange

    I wanna join too but don't know how to… Plz help

  14. gayatri iyer


  15. diksha N

    Wr is ur fitness center sir??

  16. k SP

    Great,.,.,Superbbb Great.


    Cant understand how to use ur app what to do ?

  18. Amreen Khan

    Wow so inspiring journey

  19. Lazy muscle

    Hi..I am a certified fitness instructor from Hyderabad..nenu fitness related videos chesthanu..nice transformation..best fitness tips kosam na icon ni click cheyandi ledha LazyMuscle Ani type cheyandi

  20. chinthamani sindhu


  21. ap k

    Great 👍

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