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  1. Shaheen Elahi

    Well done 👍🏼

  2. Mahalakshmirvs Maha

    The before was better

  3. Don Fernando


  4. Darcee Pilarski

    Good for you girl. You look great.

  5. EverythingFitness&Nutrition

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  6. Wizzii2011

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  7. Nadeem Hodekar

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  8. Karen Atkins

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  9. Suga Daddy

    love her blonde hair so much! ;a; can't stop staring at how shiny and smooth it is

  10. lizard king

    joining boxing is the way to do it . I'm a boxing coach and I see alot of results and alot of happy people knowing that they can do this . my focus is on the women cause they tend to be ignored by alot of other trainers . . I try not to use weights in my workouts . strictly push harder and harder . love to hate me . 😊 but you feel better cause you know you did it .

  11. Jim

    personal trainer? how? you are not even fit. you have done great, but a trainer?

  12. Bryan Hutchinson

    beautiful story, my aunt used this website daily for motivation I hope it helps for you Ladies as well !http://dietwomens.com/healthy-dessert-recipes-healthy-desserts-that-burn-belly-fat.html

  13. PhillyRoja

    Congrats Shanna, keep up the gr8 work. You are truly and inspiration, as I am your age, same weight and need to do as you have done!!!

  14. Generation Fit

    Boxing is the real deal, personally do it as well and it`s unbelievable for weight loss. Personally, I feel like the makeup of my food has helped me the most, can`t outwork a bad diet! Lots of fats just keep me satiated with food out of my mind. I used this approach https://goo.gl/CDnBgC if anyone`s interested.

    Anyways you go girl! Keep inspiring and keep on crushing life 🙂

  15. Macky Suson

    Totally a valuable share! I am really inspired to have watched this! Hope you have a fantastic day! I'm a fan now!
    I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

  16. v t

    I don't know you, but I'm proud of you! Thanks for sharing your story.

  17. Evelyn Ibarra

    So far so good! Day 3 for me on The 14 Day Diet and I am down 4lbs! It's been great so far and honestly, not that hard to follow. Limited Here >>>>t.co/9R003McwkX <<<<<< I don't feel deprived and I feel like I am eating all day long! I am chronicling my journey on my blog. Check it out and see for yourself! […]

  18. Blaine Poole

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  19. Vanessa Catuzzi

    Great job! You look great!😊

  20. Alberta Estrada

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  21. Kendice Jones

    Lord I could relate to your story😩

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