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  1. Yvng Malice

    good video but bcaas are a waste fosho

  2. D B

    I take gummy vitamins too! Sometimes my stomach gets upset in pill form.

  3. Erica Pequeno

    You look like Tom Holland 😍

  4. Renato Linkhart

    Visit https://t.co/iqHBclbolv to find the best diet program in the world. My sister applied it and lost 5 pounds. I just started out and I’m already decrease 11 pounds.?

  5. Tashima Russell

    Nice video

  6. D.A. GAMER

    if y take caffeine u need support ur dopamine level by taking mucuna and L tyrosine and 5htp

  7. Greg Maggio

    Dont see one vein, or any kind of definition, and they are authority on weight loss,,my advice, tell mom to stop making Mac & Cheese, but I digress..

  8. Just Purity

    http://www.justpurity.co.uk Cardarine best cutting agent out there. 99.9% pure Cardarine NO fillers NO bulking agents just pure powder. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

  9. Dorian Mcnab

    Top corner of the screen 3 dots click speed 1.5.

  10. Hello Digital

    Made in USA Raspberry Ketones Fat Burner – A product you can trust 100%: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RWKG552

  11. julius4406

    Buff Tom Holland

  12. amethyst_fairy

    High dose fish oil above 2grams helps with triglycerides. 4grams helps me with my depression and adhd. But can be a mild blood thinner like aspirin so talk to md.

  13. Nguyễn Đức Thuận

    best new weight loss pills

  14. Ronnie James

    I became so enthusiastic to test the diet routine “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). My very own eating habits as well as my frequency of several physical exercises was not modified and also change. More than a period of a month, I lost around 6 lbs. The procedure has let me ate less and becoming full is a lot quicker. .

  15. Lucy Intheskywithdemons

    Have you ever tried the USPLabs BCAA's ? The ratio is 8:1:1 and make me feel really good

    Those are AMAZING !! They taste like NOTHING else I ever tried , no matter the brand.
    I had the XTend Blue Raspberries ( I think ) and found it horrible 😀

    If you like give Fruit Punch or Honeydew Melon a try … we had them all and loved all the flavors 😀

  16. The Mom Life

    This super honest video earned you a new sub!

  17. Jocelyn M

    Do you still take the greens and fish oils?

  18. RyogaHibikiPigDance

    Multivitamins are a TOTAL waste of money!

  19. Christopher Sandoval

    Fucking love you dude you're so nice and friendly

  20. josh day


  21. Mokonachan92

    I actually could not wait around to take the weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was truly enthusiastic. My own pal shed 10 pounds following this kind of weight loss plan, I truly highly recommend you research Google to discover how. .

  22. Random Andy

    Hey guys, can you let me know if you can take most of these together? I’m hoping for the multi vitamins, Amino acids one and fish oils?

  23. Jalen Malachi

    13:47 thanks

  24. Jalen Malachi

    3:50 a fact

  25. martynblackburn1977

    bcca=fat loss=correllation versus causation.

  26. Dash X

    Even if I could get more than enough protein from real food, I'd still get protein powder because it's useful for recipes. You can mix it in Greek Yogurt or make a Jell-O out of it or bake with it, etc…

  27. Connor K

    Awesome video guys! I really only use preworkout for those days I’m tired and unmotivated, because otherwise I’ll be in there for 2+ hours and come back wanting to clean the entire house lol 😂

  28. Sondra

    Ok so I’m a lot older than you John & I like my gummies too & look forward to them everyday!!! I’m getting fish oil ones for first time based on your recommendation

  29. Nicole Giles

    If I had to choose only one supplement, preworkout would be it! I farm which keeps me active but makes me too tired to go to the gym sometimes. A scoop of preworkout gives me a needed boost after work to get me to the gym. I would workout before work but I start working at 4 am and my gym doesn't open until 5 am lol. Protein powder would be second. I do a scoop of protein powder and some milk before work as a quick on-the-go breakfast.

  30. Kina Alem

    Also people are des trou ing liver and kedness with articifials supplement. People are tired and needs supplement because their metabolism are completly dirty with past residue.

  31. Kina Alem

    Artificials vitamin are not absorbed by the metabolism. Its better to have bio vegetable juice or smothie at the morning before shower, for getting vitamins

  32. Yiwei Li

    He lowkey looks like Tom Holland…

  33. Fitness enthusiasts Extreme

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    That supplements Alli has been a blessing!
    Once I started taking it my weight loss went much faster and I've already lost 14 pounds in the past month!

  34. Jose M

    Thanks for the helps guys

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