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  1. The Whole Happy Life

    Hello hello! Would love to hear your experiences with weight loss. 🏃‍♀️🍏 Let me know below! 👇👇👇

  2. Shopgirl2000

    Yes pls advanced weightloss tips video pls.

  3. Shalini Nagirimadugu

    Hello! I enjoy your videos. I’m a physician and I work nights for the last year. Could you pls make a video to eat healthy to keep extra weight off.

  4. Mariam Elgohary

    Very useful and relaxing to watch too keep going

  5. Sumirosa

    Thank you for clarifying about carbs.

  6. zoe grey

    you are inspiring me to make some positive changes!! thank you!! <3

  7. Vægt Tab Diætist

    OMG I'm early to another amazing video!?

  8. devita nurul

    Well, you had chubby cheeks before and you don't have it anymore. i've got chubby cheeks too cause I'm kind of person who likes having meals. so, this increases sugar intake into my body and my cheeks get bigger. could you tell me please how to remove fat on my cheeks? thanks anyway

  9. Evangelist Mary Pillow

    This very informative. A lot to take in.

  10. Thessa Casas

    I just came across with one of your videos yesterday and I immediately subscribed to your channel after watching it and now, I can't stop watching your vlogs! I am learning so many life lessons from you 😊

  11. Dilip Raut

    Hi Ria i watched your video every time upload new one i am a fitness freak . and you looks beautiful

  12. Paula Murat

    I wish I found your channel earlier, I'm loving your content. Thank you!

  13. Anita Julaniya

    Thanks. How to avoid type 2 diabetes ?

  14. Pallavy venila Saminaden

    I need to gain weight😭

  15. hodetochter

    hello! great work with this video! i was wondering whether you could do a video about those hormonal reasons that make weight loss harder? and how to go about it for people who suffer from it? ive never seen anything of the likes. thanks for considering and have a nice day!

  16. Michelle Leon

    Is adding organic stevia okay? It says it has no calories or sugar.

  17. Carie Morgan Graff

    I enjoy your videos. I would love to see what you eat in a day.

  18. Barbara Hatfield

    Well this is for me

  19. selenapink98

    can you recommend specific resources for weight loss with Pcos and hypothyroidism? Its hard to find opinions backed by actual science on the internet

  20. Prince jazz

    i may have found my fav youtuber.. do you have instagram?

  21. jpaleas

    Your information is spot on! All it is really is common sense!

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