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  1. Irfan Ullah

    I am following U bro come on Keep it up want to see you in End of Ur journey.
    I am Also 95 kg from Pakistan

  2. RB 131

    Good job Mookie. I can see that you're loosing weight from the first video. I was 421 and now I'm 371 3 months later. Keep working brother.

  3. Big Rad

    Damn cookie looking shredded man u should compete in mens physique

  4. Melesaini Evile


  5. Alonso Castaneda

    These videos get more and more interesting.. shout out all the way from Arkansas.

  6. Luis Nunez

    Most trainers work you hard and it takes time.

  7. Luis Nunez

    He's over working him he's not going to last like that he is going to quit he needs to take his time with him it takes time you got to go slow not fast his going to get hert it take time.

  8. Luis Nunez

    Keep up the hardwork Mookie.

  9. Luis Nunez

    The Guy looks like he wants to quit i hope he keeps it going i don't think he's going to last i hope he prubes me wrong.

  10. Carla Muzik

    Great work mookie, hands down to you pitbull being his trainer your Both amazing

  11. Mark Wright

    Massive respect from the U.K. Your both doing big things this has definitely motivated me to get in the gym again makes me feel positive 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. CAPITO


  13. Satya Raja

    Keep it as a series where videos are in sequential order

    This series is great

  14. Benito Nieto

    Get it mookie

  15. Marysela C

    Love how you motivate him! 🙂 Keep it up!

  16. Ed Espanol

    Mookie, results, no problems. Just do it.

  17. Jimmie Chumley

    You got this mookie

  18. Michael Hayden

    I like mookies attitude. You can tell he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. He’s just getting after it

  19. Jose Cervantes

    Keep it up mookie! Your effort pushes me the extra mile on my workouts.

  20. Jonathan Reynoso

    keep grinding bro you’ll be where you’ll wana be through hard work, all dedication good shit man 💯🤙🏻

  21. jose rodas

    Keep pushing

  22. Mr. Christopher

    Mookie keep killin it!! Got me doing some hiit right now let’s goooooo!!!!

  23. cash john

    Mookie is a big inspiration! He blessed to have a homeboy like Pit too.

  24. Jaime Valdez

    It’s 2020 we in the month may and mookie is at 275 lookin better then big Boi

  25. James William

    I liked for mookie

  26. Jeremy Stewart

    Fuck Mook, you're looking fitter, mate.

  27. Foxx Flay

    Throw the number 4 up 4 the 4th quarter. That's where u separate real from the fake. Let's go Mookie 💪🏽💪🏽💯💯!!!!

  28. 805dizzle

    Good shit mookie, pitbull your a true homie!! Like shared and subscribed fo sho

  29. O.J. Asoau


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