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  1. Tyler Ty

    I can't wait until you're comfortable enough to bare it all! 😍 That round butt and all 🤣😂💀

    I think your confidence is going to go through the roof after a bunch of guys like me get on your nerves in your comments because of how sexy you are. Then women will see that you are taking risks and making sacrifices and how that is directly tied to your weight loss! Then they will trust you and follow you because they see this fearless girl that's overcoming some of their fears and shame – that none of you should have to have!!!😡

    Curvy women are fucking hot just like any other shape and size! So that will be teaching them to focus on health, and I can see you're already passionate about that.

    You're so hot. I love the strapless look and shoulders exposed 🤤 all bouncy!

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