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  1. MemeShitLord101

    this mans faced so many obstacles in his life and won everytime, how could u not think of boogie as a bit of a chad

  2. Michael Crain


  3. SomeSortofWeeb

    I'm so happy for you! 🙂

  4. J RW

    bro u look amazing

  5. Adam Vanrooy

    Omg Boogie awesome work. DDP yoga?

  6. iMikal

    Sometimes I like to dress up like a fairy princess and then I start reciting the alphabet backwards lol, anyways long story short I only have 6 months to live


    Looking good bro

  8. Senioz05 Mac

    Well done congrats👍

  9. Shuichi Saihara

    He went from “where’s my Mountain Dew?!” To “where’s my diet water?!”

  10. Daniel Nartic

    Francis dude you look so good don't let anyone tell you otherwise

  11. sub to pewdiepie


  12. AZ Vlogs

    Let’s go looking good

  13. Dmitri Khan

    Damn man I fucking wish I was half as motivated as you.
    Also you a Chad mate.

  14. Ryan White

    Great work Boogie! Very inspirational for others. Keep it up!

  15. Lil Dik

    This is great

  16. Dino Richie

    Congrats bro

  17. Anixous Extrovert


  18. Holy Mega

    That's so great 🙂

  19. TZMS Dot TV

    Lemme smell your breath!

  20. sicheng's head lice

    So proud of you mr boogie <3

  21. Zen

    We’re proud of ya boog! Never give up hope my dude!

  22. Jackson Perrine

    Nice job dude by the way your wife thinks your a pretty boy your doing fantastic your mission has inspired me to workout and now I have a 6 pack and pecks anyway
    You inspire me keep up your work.

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