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  1. Dubs Dubs

    How long you walk per day?

  2. Timmey

    Great job, very inspirational! I’m trying to figure out if you share your calorie regime. Have you made a video on it? If not, could you please tell me.?! THANK YOU!

  3. Mark Phillips

    Go Pro working well 👍👏

  4. Brit_Shooter

    Eagles made the playoffs! Fly eagles fly! Are you ever going to give us an insight into your macro split and how you came up with your maintenance limit? Is it daily or per meal etc? Apologies if you did this in a previous video I’ve watched all of them and couldn’t remember

  5. mark akira

    Bought my graph paper today. Starting a chart just like the one in your workout room. Have a safe and successful 2019.

  6. Ray R. Gable, Jr

    Getting the mind right — these vlogs are just what I need to see/hear… ☕️

  7. wayne vetrone

    I would suggest a once a month blog. How you are dieting/keeping the weight off and your thoughts/opinions are more valuable to me?

  8. Adam H.

    Ok you’re starting to lose me…maybe start combining a few days into one video? How else will we catch up to present day vlogging. I’m beginning to think that the vlogs in August fizzled out and well…that’s it.

  9. Dave o

    Where do you get your food ideas? Any specific diet? Sorry if it is on a different video I just watched this one and your 1 yr weight loss one. Tx.

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