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  1. RVChillin

    Are you using an app to track your walking/hiking?

  2. Mindy W.

    Sunrise is the best time of the day, i think. I say it’s God saying good morning, especially when he paints a magnificent sunrise for me!


    New, first day. I've followed Erick a long time. I hope he gets to feeling better. (Flu)

  4. Melissa Hames

    Congratulations looking good keep it up


    👁👁 stopped by for weigh in…when is the fight 🥊🥊 date….lol.

  6. camp 11sb.

    If you really wanna see results start lap swimming if your gym has a pool. kinda hard to get into routine but worth it.

  7. Fred Weis

    PS Eric nomadic fanatic already making excuses I don't think he'll last a month on the new diet

  8. Fred Weis

    Remember you can't out exercise a bad diet

  9. Francine Scott

    Not fair, Eric is sick an don prednisone. re-do

  10. SJ Wonder

    You are doing great! So awesome 🙂

  11. byron brasher

    As a general rule, to stay safe you should pace yourself, not overexert, rest often, drink plenty of water and eat regularly throughout your hike. There are, however, some specific injuries and afflictions that you need to be aware of so that you can deal with them.

  12. Earl Cornett


  13. OneStop Lifestyle

    PURE WEIGHT LOSS is designed to provide a healthy and natural way to lose weight – USDA Certified with 100% organic ingredients while still maintaining the strength and potency required to achieve your fitness goals. We’ve blended the latest cutting edge and patented break through ingredients with the purest of those tested, tried, and true – resulting in an ultra-clean, yet truly effective fat burning powerhouse.


  14. Mystery

    Congratulations!!..Keep up the good work!!

  15. Jennifer Parrish

    So glad you put it out there to Eric. I’m trying too. I lost 3 lbs since the start. Happy to be following you now. Thanks for sharing and challenging Eric so that he is doing it to improve his health too. Hope he gets over the flu soon.

  16. Jaoqueline Bell

    ❤️ 😘

  17. Shanna Craft

    🌼 Good morning. You're doing awesome! I was up 6 lbs as of Jan 1. I am down 5. My goal was to lose 15, so I have 10 more to go. I was stuck on my current weight for months before Christmas. Hopefully I can get down to my goal weight and hold it there for years to come. I am also doing the intermittent fasting with a low carb diet. (For those who don't know and read this comment, I had lost 70 lbs from Jan 2017 until the Christmas holidays – New Year's Eve I went crazy. My goal is to reach 135 and maintain that weight.)
    As always, safe travels!

  18. 3 Generations


  19. Pepe Deez Nutz

    James – works out before dawn, fasts killing it.

    Eric – eats a fat disgusting hamburger, eats 6 meals a day. Switches to Michelob ultra.

  20. Nomadic Fanatic

    Man, that's a lot of miles of walking! And thanks for showing the excell sheet with measurements. And for sharing the workout routine. Hugh got ripped for that movie. I'm gonna get you next week!

  21. A.T. Renee

    You really didn't like the thought of there being a new sheriff in town, huh? 😂 I feel proud that my comment got you so riled up! All joking aside, you're really doing great. I'm super impressed with your workout routine and then going out and doing all those miles on top of it. You're keeping me inspired! And the playful trash talking isn't hurting either 😂🥰 So proud of us!

  22. Jo Harmon

    Good on you James. Like Leann below I also have COPD so yes the added weight is bad. Down 4# And at 72 yrs weight loss is very hard.

  23. Corporate To Cross Country

    Dude you look awesome! Keep up the great work and keep in mind you’re inspiring a ton of people in the process 👍

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