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  1. Ramona Snyder

    The oatmeal cookies look delicious. Do you have the recipe posted somewhere?

  2. Centsible Living With Money Mom

    I wish you the best on your journey. You are so pretty. I lost 33 pounds since August 1st. My friend is doing Whole 30, and is doing great.

  3. Tracy Hardwick

    I want to join this. I lost two pounds this week. Trying to get diabetes under control. Don’t want to go on meds.

  4. Jessica Hanlon

    i think i lost 10 lbs watching you on your feet cooking and cleaning this week….you are getting exercise just by being a busy dedicated Mother. And well done!!!! I follow the dietitian recommended food guide. I find i feel better by eating healthy….and find time to reflect on the activity the life I live could count as exercise…walking too and from the bus stop ended up being 20 mins of walking….I work in retail…Standing turning from right to left over and over again for 4 hours is working my torso out. I do some of the cleaning in the store in the morning…that is mopping and sweeping working the arms. So don't forget those things on your feet for exercise. And well done on checking in once a month…bigger bang for your effort at the end of the month.
    Loving your videos and looking forward to my take on your oatmeal cookies with sweetener…you can treat your self that way as well.
    have a good day…and FYI there is a person that haunts my google account….I will never be rude or cruel here…she may try….send it to me she has been charged with Identity theft so i can report her if she is on this lovely blog.

  5. Amber F

    Hello sweet Luke. I'm going to screech with you😺😺
    You are awesome.

  6. Amber F

    My week was rough. It was cold and rainy several days. I have had a lot of vegetable and fruit. My hubby isn't home and it isn't coming home when he was told. I'm just out of sorts. Hopefully I Can get my act together soon.
    Love all of you 💗💗💗

  7. Sue Martin

    I’m on a low sodium, low sugar and I’ve lost 35 pounds in a few weeks.
    Potatoes are off for me, they are full of starch and carbs.
    If you really want to loose weight, eat fresh fruit and fresh veggies an d chicken.
    You have to be in control and have your mind made up. I have lost over 100 pounds in the last year or so. If you cheat on your diet, it hard to get back on it. I know, been there.
    Good luck, I hope you make, but please watch your potatoes.

  8. Original Cali Girl

    Any luck with Luke's school. He looks like he would have so much fun going.

  9. J Condon

    Hello Noel! New to your channel; ❤️ it all!
    New to comment also. I enjoy your cooking, especially the meal prep for the week, and the retro menus! I have my first (Wedding gift to myself!), mother and grandmother’s Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks. Thank you for sharing your recipes and life. I’m also on a healthy lifestyle/weight loss journey. No “diet”.
    Sensible eating; single ingredient foods
    (as they come naturally 🙂), so it requires chopping, prepping, scratch cooking. Also, portion control, and yeah, that part takes a lot of control!! 😊 Lost 10, at a stand still, but would like to lose 10-15 more. Need to up the activity somehow! Blessings in all things!💜

  10. mary lancaster


  11. Gloria Peel

    Loved seeing Luke having a fun day! The cookies look so good.

  12. Susan Watson

    Yesterday I started the Carb Lovers diet. It in kudes all the good carbs. I will update later. You're doing good.

  13. Homestead Blessings

    Hasn't been the best week. I cook healthy but have been hurting and seems when I hurt more I eat more. Going to get better and better. Not a big sweet person and trying to cut carbs. God's blessing to you and yours

  14. Jeanne Bevins

    All things in moderation. Your hair and makeup are beautiful. I love food and baking. My week was ok. I have way more weight to lose. Thanks for your honesty.

  15. Becky Keast

    I'm on keto and as of this week I've lost 52.9 lbs. And am finally after 19 months of having no hip, the dr has ok'd me for surgery. I will get a new hip in January! Thank God!! I plan on staying keto for the rest of my life. ❤watching your family. You are amazing. I don't know how you do it all!
    P. S…. Charles is so good looking and such a hard worker. You two are made for each other! ❤❤❤

  16. lorrie wolfe

    Hi noel.. My eating wasn't great but could have been worse. I have lost 2 lbs, but better then gaining two.lol. I try to eat hard boiled eggs as snacks because they are filling . Not everyday tho. Love those potatoes and eggs. 🙂

  17. T G

    Potatoes are my enemy as a diabetic, carbs turn to sugar which I just shouldn't have. I do occasionally have them, but way less than I alway had them before. I ride an exercise bike 4 to 5 times a week, I've upped the time from 15 minutes to now 30 minutes and 1 mile per 5 minutes. Feeling better, hoping that all the changes we are making will help with all the medical issues I have as I've gotten older. Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. norma mccomas

    Go girl! C. Bolton, that is amazing!! How are you doing it? X O

  19. Eve M

    Noel u are just the sweetest wife to make those Cookies. I made only some for my hubby at Christmas time for co- workers way back when. We're both retired now. N I was going to ask u if u do make a desert each nite for after dinner? Just wondering …. I would enjoy that back in the day 😀 TFS ❣️

  20. Cecilia Rodrivuez

    Hey noel your make-up looked amazing and I'm glod luke enjoy ia mommy time with you and i just want to thanks you for advice you give to talked to my teenagers about autism

  21. Samantha Garcia

    Dear Luke is lovely !!
    Thank you for the video , awesome as always ! ❤️

  22. Wsukemama

    Hello Handsome Luke! Enjoy your mommy time! Noel he is just beautiful. I raised 2 sons on the spectrum and as a peds nurse and mom i have to tell you what a great job you are doing with him.I have to admit that today was cheat day for me as I made today my feast day. I've managed to lose 2lbs this week by doing intermittent fasting. I'm so happy that better than the 2 lb loss is that my arthritis and muscle spasms are better. That plate trick is the Best! Noel thank you again for doing our weight loss Wednesday. Keep up the great job. Oatmeal cookies??? I can't be trusted to buy Halloween candy that was on sale to keep for trick or treaters….Keep up the great work weight loss Wednesday Buddies!

  23. Roby Love

    I'm not really trying to lose weight but I have been having stomach problems so I have been making smoothies with home made yogurt. I have also been making a lot of green juice. I like to add avocado to it for creaminess.

  24. Laadee V

    I'm with you on the sugar. I don't feel well eating a lot of it but I still crave it. I ordered a pill that's supposed to make things sugary things sour and unappealing. I have to see how they go.

  25. Laadee V

    Hi Luke! Nice job with the playdough numbers.

  26. C Bolton

    My week was good! I only weigh when I go to the Drs! 😂 I have lost 21 since last Drs visit. 84lbs since July.

  27. B Sanderson


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