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  1. Shanika Weerasundara

    Really great postures.

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  18. My Green Earth LLC

    Thanks Andrea! Good video!

  19. tusar080377

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  20. trueztruth

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  21. jorge mak

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  22. Wullop Khin

    Thanks!!! Your advice helps people around the world be healthy,… & happy too.

  23. Little Pinky

    Oh thanks for these. I'm going to start working on these and save this video. Oh and I can hear her just fine. 🙂

  24. Raviraj Chavan

    i like this video very much….

  25. Marcus Lee

    i can hear her perfectly

  26. Call me, Carlos

    Speak up, damn it!

  27. Tanapon Laohaniwatworn

    ouch that's too hard but i'll try it anyway lol

  28. Sjappelientje

    I have a thyroid disorder.. but it has been healing itself now.. I'll be trying this anyway. So thank you

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