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  1. Dania M

    This was relaxing and challenging! I was confused about the breath work on each pose – maybe you could add in the inhalation/exhalation and stomach/spine position for the poses in the next one? My abs and back feel great. Thanks!

  2. Olgetta Orfeeva

    Very beautiful tender music🌺

  3. Sara Starbuck


  4. johan vandenbosch

    Done! 45 min nice training !!! thanks desiree!

  5. Tassadite KADI

    Hello I am not able to do the back standing. Do you have a position I can do instead ?

  6. gogoyaa

    This was so good! I enjoyed the calming music as well 🙂 love from India xx

  7. Martyna Pierzchanowska

    feels like on high, thank you ❤ wish i could live in your area

  8. Olgetta Orfeeva

    Its an amazing, crazy, super effective, killing and beautiful and funny workout… 45min super puper 😁😁😁 I Love love love… 💕🎀🎀🎀🎀Thank God that i found you!My butt and other s WOMEN butts, i am sure , say big thank to you, cs its really burning fat =) i send you my Happy vibrations 👑👑👑😊😊😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩Mwaah

  9. billyeonne CR

    Excellent!!! 👏👏…You really are one of a kind Desirée.. Thank you for your continuous dedication and commitment to put out the very best all the time. Sending Love and Light Your Way Now and Always! Merci beaucoup 💜🙏🙏🙏

  10. SashaPJ79

    That was fabulous 🙂 Crankiness gone – feeling elongated and restored!

  11. Chris B

    Are you in my head? Well timed and wholly appropriate, thanks for taking the time and effort to produce these outstanding classes.

  12. Maria Eduarda Sodini

    Desiree! Thanks for this awesome workout!
    Would you mind telling me an estimate number of how many calories does it burn?

  13. Corinna Knabe

    Hi, this is a real challenging one, gonna try it tomorrow, greatings from Germany😍

  14. Mon P.

    Niiice 45min. What a treat, thanks Desiree!

  15. J. Green


  16. Kamila Teixeira

    Hi, lovely Desiree! I can't wait to try this one. Thank you for this beautiful class. xoxo👏👏👏😍😍💜💙❤💜💙❤

  17. Lise Montaigne

    Désirée!!! Thanks for this long pilate class ! I am gone to try this as soon as possible. It seems fabulous ! So happy to have discovered your beautiful channel.

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