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  1. C Janezic

    Thanks for the great recipe, Chef AJ. Here's a trick to avoid onion tears I learned from my cousin, who himself learned it while on KP cutting onions in the military. You have to keep your mouth tightly shut from the time you first pierce the onion until you finish and clean up. Admittedly hard to do and impossible if you're doing a video, but apparently it works. Some people hold a piece of bread between their lips to help them do it. Maybe a piece of kale would work, though.

  2. A.C.

    Hola 👋🏽. Is this the same method used to make pickled ginger like the sushi restaurants?

  3. Ginette Gundlach

    After watching this morning I just had to make some.. added the dill with a sliced garlic clove and some mustard seeds also. Used some TJ white vinegar… can’t wait !! Oh yum ! Thank you !

  4. UteLydia

    thank you!

  5. Adam Bathon


  6. editle

    About 40 years ago I learned that if you put onions 24 hours in the fridge, you don’t cry 😢 it works!

  7. Julie Joseph

    Love onions and this 💕

  8. Judy Chancey

    I tried those new no tears onions and they really worked.

  9. thatcntrygirl turner

    Very good stuff . I boil 1cup white vinegar 1/2 water one garlic glove , cracked black pepper . Pour over one red onion. Can be eaten in 20 mins

  10. Tracy Henry

    Chef AJ, you have not learned the secret to NOT crying with onions. If you DON'T open your mouth at all you will NOT cry! Try it!

  11. SundayIsForLovers

    Bailey! I was so happy to see her (during the first part of the video). She left during the onion chopping. Ha. 🙂

  12. Connie Lowe

    My least favorite job is scrubbing potatoes!

  13. Jodi Higgins

    What a great idea! I make my own pickled beets with onion sliced thin. But I'm going to try this too. And I'm not that big on sour either so I love the idea of a little balsamic. Thank you!

  14. Denny's Plant Based Journey

    just heard you are coming to Odessa/Midland in April for Food is Medicine…. awesome, can't wait…. hope you are doing well

  15. Hoof Hearted Ice Melted

    Or cut the onion in a big flat container of water.

  16. Vikki Bendle

    Thankyou that looks great…..How long would these last in the fridge?

  17. Cat Obie

    Breathe through your mouth when cutting onions not thru your nose. It mught eork.

  18. Rithvik Kiran

    Thanks for another great recipe Chef AJ! This looks really good! And I love that sign at the end!!

  19. Ev Torres

    I love this recipe! I'm going to try this with cucumbers since pickles tend to have a lot of salt (even low sodium). Thanks for another great recipe Chef AJ.

  20. Laura Castillejos

    Great idea! I love onions! Thank you for the video!

  21. Arthur Scratcher

    Would they taste good if you also carmalized them?

  22. Kelly S

    I’d try malt vinegar, traditionally that’s the vinegar used for pickled onions in the UK.

  23. Clarkie Penney

    If you were using other veggies would you blanch them first?

  24. You should halved the onions first to keep them stable before slicing…

  25. c s

    Just keeping it real Chef AJ.

  26. niki turner

    I find it easier to cut the onion in half first. Thanks it is a great recipe!

  27. Rabbit Food Fitness

    This looks so good! Thank you for sharing.

  28. becky quick

    I have same problem with onions, it is so bad I have to rinse hands and put cold paper towel on eyes to stop stinging. thanks for suffering for our benefit.

  29. Brenda Borenstein

    Love the new board. You inspire me everyday to clean up my food.

  30. Lee Gwinn

    What about using the California balsamic mustard dill? How much would you use?

  31. Cory Carson

    Put a small fan away to the side of you to move fresh air towards your face. No more tears!!!!

  32. Howie Will

    Whew! Watch those fingers. 😉 I cut my brine with water so it’s not as strong. I too reuse my jars and brine! It lasts forever in the fridge! Thank you for yet another great video!

  33. Joelle Aittama

    Watch those fingers.
    I have the same issue. 😥

  34. Dawn G

    They all make me cry as well! But this does work (I used this tip in our commercial kitchen). I have a small fan (about 6” diameter) that I keep on my countertop. Turn it on, place it somewhat to the side so that the breeze blows the gas from the onions past you as you slice or chop. I promise it works! 💗

  35. Theresa Marji

    I hate vinegar with passion I wish you can do some recipes without vinegar

  36. lisa tushman

    Great idea!

  37. Francine Shea

    Cutting board info??

  38. Phyllis Cable

    Great idea!

  39. Seedstitch13

    Love your videos Chef AJ!! 🥰

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