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  1. Jan Miller

    Your eggs looked perfect (everyone browns them *ack*). Do you have a Patreon page, dear Christina? It would be a way for self-starter non-joiners (like me) to support someone whose You Tube videos have meant so much to them. Great to see Mr Keto. 💚💚💚

  2. Graffig Design

    Hi Christina – as a newbie (week one) would you mind sharing which electrolyte supplement powder you are using? Many thanks 🙂

  3. PA

    do you have a recipe for the bbq pork?

  4. Emma Smith

    your cat is cute

  5. tg tg

    Hi Christina, have you tried supplements from Nature's Best, UK based? I'm in North America and frankly prefer to order from Europe, but because of so many trolls on the net, I have no idea what is good and what's not…Thank you!

  6. Frog Green

    Happy new year to you, geetings from Cork

  7. Bear The Dog

    The reason the perfect keto is so sweet to you is because American tastebuds are so used to sugar in their diet. When I first moved to America the food tasted terrible so I learned to make everything from scratch.

  8. Ola Jordan

    Just noticed you. What is the daily breakdown: fat / protein / carb for this day’s meals? Thanks.

  9. Esther Loske

    Hi .. going on 3 weeks Keto .. so happy !!!
    Does the pellagrino water offer mineral or electrolyte benefits ?
    ( always happy to have a visit from your kitty 😻 )

  10. carol29carnegie

    Hi Christina I just started on my KETO lifestyle yesterday and so far so good 😊, ithet pork belly rashers your frying, mmm they look good. Is there a reason your not having dairy in January, keep up the good work Carol from Scotland x

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