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  1. Praful Karnick

    Thank you Gaurav . I have been having lower back pain for years.. I figured out 2 reasons. 1 ) soft bed ( as u said) and 2) driving two wheeler.. ( although my father never felt while driving). One more thing , when ever i started exercising didn't feel the pain.. but whenever I discontinued say after three months.. the pain starts again.. any thoughts.?

  2. Amod Bakshi

    Respected gaurav sir,
    Thank you very much for making this videos and giving information about how to keep our back or lower back in proper posture

  3. Wyqar Zmarai

    Bhai ya position hum muslims 5 time pray ma karta llike this

  4. Yashvendra Hrs

    Thanxxxxx gaurav bhai

  5. amir khan

    Good Bhai

  6. Scott Pirani

    All backwash.

  7. laxman palan

    Its very painful 😥… I was on bedrest for 3 years..

  8. Tarang Gupta

    I have seen so many videos to avoid my back pain . I have gone through the exact same scenario which is cause of my back pain. Same in winters because of matress then gym. Around 1.5 years back this shit happened. Still facing this problem. Spend too much money on doctors , honey bee treatment, physiotherapy but no benifits. Help me please i am just 22 and seems like this pain will be with me till my entire life.😶😶

  9. Ahiya Khan

    Thanks brother for good advice

  10. Naeem Baloch

    Yoga position is same like (prayers) namaz in islam..anyone notice

  11. Shukant Sharma

    You are amazing…

  12. Subham Rajora

    Sir when i do crunches, i feel back pain …..i don't why plz help me in this matter.

  13. expert me

    My back pain only when I perform abs workout like crunches … Help please

  14. smallsoldiersy

    07:51 – i was expecting ki ap camera niche gumaoge … apne to khursi hi utha li ……lhahaha

  15. vaishali sharma

    Can I know your gym name

  16. Nawaz Khan

    I'm your new subscriber but may you will not reply to my msg.
    But i just wanna know when you were doing the T-Bar excrcise have you felt something twitching in your back ?

  17. Divya Jain

    Sir ..thanks

  18. Divya Jain

    Sir four years se paresan. Hu

  19. Ashish Dubey

    explntn in best way
    thnnx 4 dis..


    Sir past 1year back I had back pain in gym after diagnosis it was found degenerative disc disease (DDD) .still I'm struggling from that pain in ..l4l5s1 area .if possible please give me some suggestions.

  21. shuveen pal

    Nice content

  22. Amit Sagar

    Mujhe shoulder workout ke bad 2-3 din boht back pain rehta hai.

  23. A to Z unboxing and Review

    Tail bone m pain kese treat kre

  24. Ashwin Dubey

    Yaar 6 months gap ke bad gym resume Kia, T -bar heavy = back pain. It has been 6 months now, haven't been able to lift at all. Will def try vajrasan.

  25. Jame Andy

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  26. Nicole Lonnie

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  27. Jame Andy

    Love this back problems guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it)! I was a bit unsure but used it yesterday and woke up with a more relaxed back. I actually encouraged this informative guide to my parents because of the great results I came across. They like the plan also. It could solve your back pain very efficiently. .

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