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  1. ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ ᗷᗩᑎIᔕᕼ

    Not gonna drink coffee before sleep anymore lol.

  2. Aaron E

    ….. my kids!

  3. kamran afzal

    I am I am going to die! Help

  4. Jane Nonymous

    Sphincters – they aren't just for buttholes anymore!

  5. Gam

    This happen everytime I try to sleep

  6. Anees .R

    Great Video…. I love your videos.. <3 and I try to watch them ASAP… I have heartburns when I sleep less than 6hrs… to reduce it I drink something hot.. 😛

  7. 4:38 vote Bernie don't avoid it

  8. Cringeyness Expressway


  9. Conrad2 Moves

    That looked like Roblox.

  10. Abhijeet Kumar

    My chest have pain due to gas can you show how it happened

  11. Yep its Marcry

    Thats a weird lookin' pizza

  12. Ani Destiny

    I’ve never felt heartburn before

  13. Manish Arora

    My sister was suffering from Heartburn. She had difficulty in swallowing of food. She used various medicines got no relief from Heartburn. After getting upset with allopathic medicines, she started to use Acidity Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda for ayurvedic treatment of heartburn (acid reflux). After using Ayurvedic medicines she got relief from Heartburn.

  14. Hannah Kingsman

    Due to this acid reflux disease treatment method “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it), I managed to get over my digestive issues. There`s no problem in trying out this treatment solution. Who knows this may work on your digestion issues and also chronic acid reflux.. .

  15. Amanda Mayville

    Currently in my 8th month of pregnancy. Heartburn sucks.

  16. pea

    Milk and sweetened drinks always give me heartburn. Even if its diet drinks

  17. Disco Deaky

    Welp time to quit ChUgGiNg on watermelon

  18. ملك الأسود

    Just take ACV

  19. Epickittycat Hitt

    I have experimented with other procedures like traditional remedy and the modern prescriptions in dealing with my acid reflux disorder, bowel problems, and also leaking gut and none have been shown to be effective. The signs and symptoms of suffering and difficulties are generally vanished just by utilizing this heartburn treatment solution “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it) I found.. .

  20. Aninwa Buachie

    Y’all need some Kefir from Trader Joe’s

  21. Ripley Clipperton SNS

    What foods should we eat to help it

    And what foods should we avoid that weaken it,
    Don't leave us hanging man
    Spill that tea

  22. I Eat Plastic

    How does acid reflux work?
    I have it and I still don’t understand it 100%

  23. Whisper McGaughy

    I'm one of the unlucky ones that treatment didn't respond..I had to have surgery because Barrett's esophagus was bad..The surgery changed my life..But it's not a permanent fix,most who get it will have to either have it repeated or go a different route after about 5-7yrs..

  24. Anthony Barelas

    My anxiety is not helping it st all

  25. Gaurish

    No wonder, stomach juice doesn’t come out of me when I do a hand stand!

  26. Aaliyah Noor

    I get that so many times

  27. Bappu Deb Nath

    Stress can also lead to heart burn. A common case yet not considered.

  28. CoolcatMalak

    Who is watching this while they’re having heartburn

  29. Robert Murphy

    That popping sound is disturbing..

  30. VitaminJ7734

    Can we update this to modern scienc÷? Particulay regarding the LES closing once proper PH levels are reached in the stomache. No mention of Heart Burns primary cause, hylpochloridia

  31. Clorox Bleach

    Poor poor matt stonie.

  32. Cody Greenland

    I used to have heartburn like every night
    but it was because my medication was too big

  33. adwait malakolikar

    Thank you so much it was very helpful to understand

  34. Brittaney Echem

    IDGAF to that 🍕🍕 Im thinking about Chicken bones 3:06 that he swallowed lmao

  35. D k

    So heartburn is nowhere related to heart 😮

  36. I have a question

    What was that english bruuuuuuuuuu isn't it supposed to be the incident has ROSE?

  37. Lego builder b

    ive only had heartburn once

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