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  1. Zen Zonaq

    It was more painful to read the comments section more than anything else.,have we forgotten, that character assassination, mockery, and hurtful speech, can damage a fellow human being like you and me.,more than any needle can?
    Love and Peace on you Huda❤️

  2. Shanya Virasinghe

    Wow! That actually hurt to watch! You are Super brave!

  3. Hseen Adaas

    احبج هدى

  4. Deanna Ahmad

    Youre skinny bony hand lol!!!!

  5. ملكة الظلام

    اووووووي شهل الم كلة علمود تطلع حلوة من المستحيل اسوي بوجهي هيج

  6. jungledina

    Hello beautiful, not that u will care about my opinion or perhaps ever read this comment, but i think u r so beautiful without any enhancements, i wish u realize that and go for natural options, and when some wrinkles appear well.. its life, we all will continue being ur fans :*

  7. Sarah Alaa Eldin

    OMG, how is she handling this pain?
    As soon as I saw the doctor putting those needles underneath Huda’s eyes I was like nope thank you I can’t continue watching this 😂😭

  8. Zaruu 1

    Huda thanks for being honest with us! 💓You show us what you REALLY do with your face.I think its sooo wrong to judge you, when you are so honest and open❤️🙏🏻 You are such a beautiful person, I wanted to say thank you for everything and you are enough for us❤️

  9. Zahra Jabeen Shah

    oh hell no I prefer me ugly lol

  10. Hannah H

    Beauty is NOT PAIN! Beauty is NATURAL!
    I hate that people say that over and over as though its true when it really isnt! If you do want to get this done, thats what you want but DONT justify it with 'beauty is pain'!

    I do facial exercises and massages to tone and lift my face naturally!

  11. Sayantani Ray

    Why so much pain for beauty?

  12. shahad ali

    لعبت نفسي شصاير عليج بله محتاجة انتي 😐

  13. Mi chelle

    Omg so annoying

  14. ضوء القمر

    الي عربي لايك

  15. Licensed and insured A

    The Dr is BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!! I would do it all but that Martha is brutal!!!!



  17. هدى هدوش

    هدى بليز فعلي الترجمه حتى نفهمك 😚😚😚

  18. Fleuur Fleeur


  19. Batool

    so rude to act this way the doctor clearly is having a bad time

  20. Ameena Musarath

    So finally u mean that Huda beauty products r of no use and we have to go through all these procedures to look good…don't invest in buying those

  21. latamoni das

    Who behaves like that in a doctor's clinic. Moron.

  22. L. Zahi

    How insecure are you, to be acting like this? You must be surrounded by "Yes ma'am" people all the time. What on earth are "genes that basically accelerate aging"?? Seems very unlikely to me, especially in The middle east Region. Should also be visible with other family members wich is obviously not the case.

  23. Georgina Am

    Thank you for this video. Very realistic and I like that you are honest with us as much as it possible.

  24. Maria's Channel

    OMFG this is soooo painful I didn’t try but just watching makes me scared af

  25. Yumahan Guide

    Mehwish Hayat lookalike!

  26. Llizel Garcia

    Such a pretty woman but she needs to chill with all that fillers and Botox she’s starting to look plastic and not in a good way 🙈

  27. Tehmina Rafique

    Wow..just wow. Doing all that for beauty…. crazy

  28. Shelsy Rios

    She acts like a fucking 2 year old my god

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