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  1. Shubhashini Prasad

    You have became more fit 🥺🥺❤️ i hope i can do the same

  2. Remi Reagan

    Wow that seems like such a heavy dinner to be able to lose weight. You obviously work out a lot because if I ate this much I definitely wouldn’t be so lean.

  3. Delora Sampson

    Just found your channel few days ago! Love it …I moved here to Ga.😔 and have gain 60 pds because back home I had a trainer and worked out with girlfriends 3x a week.. so now I have to lose the weight… I am enjoying your workouts and what u eat in a day.. have to get back to me!! 🤗💕💞💕

  4. Rebecca Prange

    Hey Holly, I'm new to your channel and am enjoying your quick workouts. My question today, where did you get that laptop set up?

  5. DarkMeme QueenXD

    I don't need to loose weight necessarily, just need to be toned. I'm 125 lbs ,5'6 and 26 years old. . I've had 2 kids and I have a lot of stretch marks and stomach flab, I can't seem to get rid of. I've been tryin for 4 years to get fit but I just can't get my stomach toned. I've been watching ur videos for 3 months and I'm working out 3xs a week. I work 12 hours a day as a nurse,so I do a lot of walking but I just can't get rid of the fat built up in my lower abs. I try to eat healthy but can't stay that way. I'm hoping I can try this year to stay motivated to be healthy. Thanks for ur videos they help me honestly!

  6. DarkMeme QueenXD

    I will def wanna try those pancakes. Instead of the protein green drink will those naked drinks be just as good? I know there's controversy over those being healthy or not but I was wondering anyone elses intake on those. Also holly not to be weird but I always heat up beans from the can. So I had no idea u could eat cold beans straight from the can! Lol

  7. Natalie's Life

    Great video! Those pancakes look delicious. Can you make a video on how you made your protein cookies?

  8. Bernadette Nadine Almeda

    i have gerd, ibs and bloating. what is recommendation? you have flat toned abs wow. dandelion is new to me I check it out

  9. candace Walma

    I do love your workouts, but the supplements are so expensive. I have a large family that make a budget key. Does the food on the app focus on expensive supplements? I will never be able to afford those.

  10. betchaiialigoo

    Thank you! 💚

  11. Merwah Shahid

    Love her workouts but would have truly appreciated if this video wasn't so much of an advert. Loses its essence. Disappointed!

  12. Manya Suhag

    I love your videos, but why does everyone talk about weight loss!

  13. Carmen Márquez

    hello, you don't eat fruit? just veggies?

  14. Samantha Shinn

    i don't normally like green or protein powders. Do you know a pill supplement for the greens that work just as well?

  15. luciana Cabano

    I really want to go on a diet, but the thing is….I'm a picky eater 😩

  16. Jacqueline Q.

    That looked like a lot of food – esp. eating just before bed with those snacks. I need to be more active so I can eat like that. Where is the link for the protein cookies?
    I am a new subscriber to your videos and am liking what I see/hear. Can you (or anyone out there) tell me which are the best ones to get started with as I begin my journey this new year to weight loss? Thanks and Happy New Year to all. 2020 is the year to get FIT.

  17. Arianna Kimberly

    10:15 the pause lol

  18. Barbie Stargirl

    Please make a thigh gap workout video 💖

  19. Barbie Stargirl

    Your channel is amazing 💖💖💖
    Your videos are always so helpful and effective 💕
    I really enjoy following your workout videos. Love you sis💖

  20. Amy h

    Pretty much it is an Advertising ..I think there is nobody will eat protein powder everyday 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Jennifer Forderer

    Hi Holly! The athletic greens, do you have it 1x a day? 😊💗

  22. Maria Jönsson

    Try to avoid lectins in your food to avoid bloating and other health issues.

  23. Dauntless1143 The Architect

    You are unique !

  24. maj

    Hey holly just wanted to ask where did you get the dandelion tea? X

  25. Joanie Lacey

    Huge servings. No way I can eat that much. Looks good, though.

  26. MsAmaya1110

    Too many carbs for my body…

  27. Klara Kattyla

    I want to have those abs, but i love sweets… I'm normal weight, but i just love chocolate…😫

  28. Nohemi Garcia

    I want your abs so badly

  29. Nivine Si

    Omg I love your Chanel and videos thank youuu ❤️

  30. Barbara Olona

    Okay but i need you in Italy.😭😍

  31. banana lovegym

    Hey Holly,
    What if i dont eat protein powder?
    Can I add something else?

  32. Mary Laville

    Love your vedio thanks for sharing I will trying these protein pancake for sure

  33. tt21292

    Man the prob I’m having is carrying weight in my midsection but wanting to bulk esp my lower body
    No idea how to do it

  34. Sarah Wakenge

    Hey Holly, where's your gym top from?

  35. Linda DeVuono

    Loved this video!

  36. jmcarter12

    Hello Holly

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