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  1. Liezl Jayne Strydom

    Hey guys, I hope you enjoy the new video! This is a slightly different take on a "What I eat in a day to lose weight" video, stay tuned until the end and I will show you a few tips on how to change the eating plan a bit to suit different calorie needs. Also make sure that you download the Free 3 day eating plan on my blog (link in the description box). You also may have noticed that I have changed my channel banner, it now says "new video every Thursday" on it. I have decided that I will be uploading a new video every Thursday – so that you guys can know when to expect it and when to tune in! Sorry I didn't upload much in February – it was a bit of a disaster month, but I will be uploading every week from now on! Very excited, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate you guys! Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I love you!!!

    Ps. You can also comment here if you have any video suggestions, or videos that you would like me to make in the coming weeks! XO

  2. Cmama

    Love the way I eat and look Sweetheart bought your how to get started pack the price is so affordable thank you so much

  3. xhoneybliss x

    You are such an inspiration to me because i am trying to lose some weight and i am so hyped because of you😗ty annd btw you are soooooo underrated❤

  4. Arjay Flores

    I know it's shocking, but here's video proof that this chemical keeps you from losing fat and causes you to gain weigh in your back, belly, and arms.


  5. xPastle Laura

    I half everything

  6. Samantha Kwait

    I want those giant plates you have lol

  7. Jennifer Lee

    how do you cook your chickpeas??

  8. /Mickkayla

    Did you lose any hair from this?

  9. tia spetic

    Omg i did breakfest and lunch and it's so good❤❤❤❤amazing👌

  10. Justine Bautista

    Really enjoyed it! Will try out. Really like you recipes! Thanks Liezl! 😘

  11. Rebecca Pretorius

    I have a different question! would love to see your camera/vlog setup and also how you film the parts where your camera faces down to the ingredients!

  12. codi316

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  13. Dua vitchi

    I adore hoW you're organized you gave me such motivation. Thnks so muche sis 💕💞

  14. fluoriide

    I wish there was more recipes without avocado

  15. Robert Hall

    How do you make it i like it

  16. April armstrong

    Hello! I'm a new subscriber 😀👍 Can you give me different ideas for breakfast? I'm a 50 yr old trying to lose 10 lbs

  17. Amber Ross

    Hello.. I lowered 7 pounds in a week. just following this system:
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  18. Martina Anderson

    Amazing video, Liezl 🙂
    I feel very motivated and inspired after watching your videos. All of your videos have great stuff. Love your videos.
    I want to ask you something…I am not so fit and not so healthy. My current weight is 65 kg. I want that my weight never crosses 55 kg. But I love to eat different kinds of cuisines. Please suggest me some way that suits me best. Waiting for your reply!!

  19. Catherine James

    Best Diet Plan http://bit.ly/2IulDUx

  20. kelsi ruffolo

    Do you ever splurge or have something that you might not always have but still enjoy from time to time??

  21. Alley Morton

    I love how you add the calorie count and how each food breaks down with carbs protein and fats. It really helps me! Thank you!

  22. Aditi Sapkota


  23. Kiara Joubert

    jy probeer hard om soos n british persoon te klink

  24. Mehedi Hasan

    Mind blowing

  25. Rica

    The salad plate is everything . Thank you

  26. Elianna Mendoza

    Thanks for the information. I am a poor eater but I do like most of the thing in your recipes so i will give it a go.

  27. K B

    You’re amazing ❤️

  28. Evelyn Ibarra

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  29. Adrian Wheat

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  30. Hannah Hwang

    What's the song used in the background?

  31. Best YouTuber

    Free Weight Loss Product & Plan http://bit.ly/2BsxqmA


    I looove chickpeas too 🙂 you should make falafel partties so its not fried like traditional falafel :)))

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