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  1. Natalie & Dennis Show

    Hi Outties! I recently came back from a Bali retreat that really inspired me to do raw vegan! I've felt happier, my body has never felt better SO, I'm doing this for the next 6 weeks and through the holidays! I am currently training for an awesome body makeover video with Michelle Khare, which has also inspired this new lifestyle change! Can't wait to continue to educate myself more & share with you fun new recipes 🙂 All the nutritional value/information is at the end of the video.

  2. Sourav Biswas

    TheSlimHub .com is too working very well for me. Easy body fat burning!

  3. Lea Ross

    I’m vegetarian but great suggestions

  4. Robin Eden

    Omg the ad I just watched is the guy from cat In the hat

  5. Lana8 Kralj

    You are realy praety

  6. Claire Crowley

    Did you know watermelon is the most unhealthy fruit

  7. Christie Smit

    You are so inspiring and just an amazing person!
    Your skin is so clear!!!😁

  8. Its Just Julianna

    (Just keeping this time stamp for myself, it’s really helpful)
    2:192:49 (the oatmeal recipe)


    7:398:12 end part I’ll watch

  9. gerry pete catangui

    im not vegan but it delicious

  10. gerry pete catangui

    Shout out please i love your videos

  11. Isabella Pedre

    I really try to eat healthy but the schools food is not healthy and if I don't eat lunch I might pass out because I have 3 minutes to get to each class and I have to go up and down the stairs for every class plus to get to lunch

  12. Kido Affam


  13. ZoeS 59871

    I dont know why you think cutting out the main sources of protein and calcium from your diet is going to make you healthier?

  14. Dalyanna McSween

    Hey! Was it hard for you to give up meat? I really wanted to become vegan& just wanted to ask 🙂

  15. Lucy Luu

    Eating is a huge part of my day.
    Natalie 2019 lol.

  16. Emilia Joslin

    At 7.12 do u think Dennis was watching the rugby or just yelling 😂

  17. Monique Kok

    Hi I am new I watched a video you posted 18 hours ago and then saw your other channels and subscribed straight away

  18. Kaelyn Lucas

    I’m so happy 😁 for u !!! Ever since you got ur explants you’ve just seemed so much happier and loved ur self more. Ur such an inspiration and encourage everyone! Thank you 🙏 for making everyone feel better about there selfs !!! LOVE YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND LIVING SELF. Love you soooo much!!!😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰🥰🤩🥳🤪😋😘😛😝😜😎🤓😙😗😘

  19. Allisson Carrillo

    I am so excited. I barley found out that Natalie is vegan. I am vegan too but not raw lol. I can’t believe veganism is expanding!!!

  20. Brenda Sahagun

    OMG YESS !! 😍😍😍

  21. Isabella Duncaf

    I wish I could eat this healthy and have time to eat for breakfast but I can’t because of school.😢

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