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  1. Dissent Truth-

    I just really wanna lose my belly fat, as a skinny fat person. it's so annoying, I don't want lose weight, i just need to lose fat. ugh :*(

  2. henri

    Exercise makes you feel better. Feeling better makes you stay away from bad diet.

  3. Island beast

    I walk everyday on top of my own training

  4. do therightthing

    I walked one hour a day for a year and a half and I lost 100 lbs.

  5. lotoscomedentis

    I’ve been walking every day for nearly 36 years.

    Stealthy and out of sight.

    Keeping tabs on y’all and oogeling your asses.

    «Walkie stalkie»

  6. Harmoni Olson

    Someone get me a treadmill 😂

  7. gtcstorm40

    Good to see this !! I started with this and over time it works well. It is something we can do through old age as well. Be sure to eat a ton of fruits and veggies.

  8. Nigga OnTheBlock

    in my country if i walk in my neighborhood theres a good chance i could end up being thrown away in a tornado

  9. grod805

    Ive been walking all year, i try 6000 steps per day. No weight loss

  10. therealjonaswp

    Wouldn’t that be the same case if you are biking?

  11. marre meister

    Benefits with having Type 1 diabetes is that you don't have to worry about being diagnosed with Type 2 =))))))))

  12. Dasanie Le

    I've walked 2-3 hours everyday of summer 2019 with a good diet but lost 0 weight🥺

  13. Chris Loesch

    Will only work if you go on a very low carb diet and cut out the sugar soft drinks.

  14. Zivojin Tomic

    I just addef a few days a 30min walk after my HIIT workout it goeslike that

    1.) Cycling for 20min to pump my heart rate up
    2.) Do my HIIT workout that goes zp to 40min
    3.) And at the end walk it off for 30min

    Sometimes i also go for a 30mi run before i walk if i have the time for it

  15. Qwertyiopz Qz

    1, Proper balanced strict diet ( vegan diet is best) ( 4-5 small intake food, best between 7 am to 7pm )
    2, Exercise ( bodyweight exercise / weight lifting )
    3, Cardio ( if u only do walking/jogging no other exercise ) u can do 2 times morning and evening )

    If your targeting greatly to loose weight/fat you should go low on calories, low fat , low carbs..

  16. Hazelnut ice cream

    I walk everyday but I didn't lose any weight, probably cuz I always walk with someone and they walk super fucking slow even when I tell them to walk a bit faster

  17. Who doesn't love chocolate

    I walk for 5 hours everyday no joke and I feel amazing after I'm addicted help!

  18. Jord _ G

    Listen squires I’ve been eating McDonald’s for breakfast Burger King for lunch dominoes for dinner and kfc for pudding for about a decade and now one requires a crane to get one out of ones bed 🏗 🛏 🙃🤪🤠🌝 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. dude dude

    2:53 best part of the video your welcome

  20. Ali Barsnack

    I've been walking fast for 1-2 hrs a day for 30 years and I'm a fatty..

  21. Aaron DSR

    What happens if You walk 30 minutes per day?
    *SPOILER ALERT: Not what you see in the thumbnail…

  22. Al Wa

    I walk 1.5 hours a day. I like to wake up and get my 10k steps in for the day.

    Huge difference I went from burning 2000 calories a day to 2500+ calories a day

  23. M3LV P3

    Amazing what just walking does..as we get older we tend to be less active got my self a treadmill feel alot better just going on that…💪

  24. Catrina Bennett

    I started walking in addition to my regular exercise routine and I really enjoy it so far. Its super easy to do even when I'm feeling super lazy- i tell myself it's the least i can do today.

  25. sunflwr

    That thumbnail pic is very misleading

  26. B M

    Walking is also great because it doesn’t Jack up your cortisol. I’m an athlete but definitely have got some far on top of me as late. I go too hard on my runs and sometimes I feel my body is a little overworked

  27. Levord1980

    You’re not adding the science behind a normal shape person vs an out of shape person who does nothing in calorie burning calories.

  28. tammy al romaithi

    what if split the 30 min walk into 2 or 3? say I walk for 10 mins 3 times a day, will I experience the same benefits from walking 30 mins in one go?

  29. Monica Villada

    Finally.. someone who makes sense.

  30. Age of Doom

    What happens if you walk every day for 30 minutes and follow a balanced diet.

  31. Im_So_Atlanta

    I walk on the treadmill everyday for a hour in the morning. It helps me clear my mind

  32. Gucci Flipflops

    I had to comment cause the comments are at 666 and I don't want anything bad to happen. Lol

  33. Ellison Beezley

    The first step is hardest of all, but it gets easier!

  34. Daniel Royse

    In my job I walk an average of 11 miles everyday, 6 days a week, pushing 500 lb carts. (Not exaggerating.) And watch what I eat. I don't look like any of these guys. I look like Mr Burns from the Simpsons. A little help?

  35. Ninja Jessie

    I started only 10 days ago, first walk could only do .5 miles, today I’m at 2.84 miles! I have only noticed good side effects. Also have gone to a healthy diet 1500 calories a day. Plan on starting resistance training soon!

  36. Tim Donovan

    right so can joggers knock it off or run in the road, I love a good walk.

  37. Meistres Avalon

    Your cheeky videos excerpts are hysterical.

  38. Michaela Fentress

    I’ve only lost 10 pounds. Idk what I’m doing wrong. I cut sugar, bread, no junk food. I only drink water.

  39. Romance

    Drink a lot of water

  40. Tyler h

    Your thyroid is your bodies transmission, exercise is the gears and diet is the wheels. Exercise creates a hormonal environment that promotes fat loss through the regulation of the thyroid. Without a good diet, like the wheels on a car, you are not going anywhere but without a good exercise plan, you may go in the right direction, but not fast at all. As if you were stuck in first.

  41. S M

    It’s easy to walk a little at a time. I’ve always been about 20lbs overweight.
    I’m 5’4” and lost weight last year to 130 (healthy weight).
    Got a new job this year and in 2 month I got to 145.
    It’s been 2 weeks. All I did was hit my 10k walking goal daily for two weeks and lost 3 lbs.
    I drank out of a tumblr at work for a goal of 3/4 refills a day (72-96 oz)
    Ate 2 packs of 100 cal almonds each morning
    Salad I pack with avocado, tomatoes, seeds and so this spicy guacamole dressing that’s amazing with two chickens of choice (I so spicy chicken cause i love it)
    Dinner: I aim to do intermittent but often I’ll cave into carb dinner

    The salad is really because I like the one I make specially for myself (def took a lot of tries) and it’s my way of making sure if I do have dinner- I won’t feel guilty.

  42. KneeGrowObama

    Based on weight you only burn about 60 calories by walking a mile. That's the equivalent of a single chicken nugget. Not a pack of nuggets, a single nugget.

    Walking does not help with weight loss. It's always good for your physical health to move and stretch but this video is such misleading advice based on wishful thinking.

  43. Faded.Visuals

    I work as a ED Tech, and on average, after doing a 12-14hr shift, I’m usually clocking in 10-15 miles at day!

  44. hojie Devnara

    Since Monday I started to walk 5 miles in 1 hour per day and it feels good.

  45. CTWD Jqtrocks

    The title shows a dude with good arms but walking. Is core…

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