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  1. Natasha xo

    I believe in honey's nutritional worth

  2. Marie Schmitt

    Please do NOT just eat Manuka honey. Leave that one for medical usage so our immune systems and all those bad nasty viruses and bacteria can't get used to it's magic much like they did with penicillin.
    If you wanna eat honey, go to your local farmer's market and buy it there. And fyi Manuka comes from some special trees in New Zealand so we really shouldn't just be eating it for the sake of eating it. One spoon into warm milk when your whole family is ill will suffice. Your doctors will thank you if you don't eat Manuka all the time. Also, manuka is mad expensive and tastes awful.

  3. raemon Targaryen

    the only concern is always been the sugar .

  4. SHEmoonchild

    Nice try bees…

  5. Brenda Morris

    When I can't sleep, I heat up milk, add honey and vanilla and sleep so soundly, I mean I get a good nights rest. I always keep raw honey in my pantry. perks of living in the country. I use real raw honey, not the store bought junk. I eat a teaspoon of honey everyday.

  6. Courtney B

    To ensure you have real honey drop 1 tsp of honey in cold water if it dissolves its fake if stays clumped its real. But 7e percent of honey in stores is fake buy from farmers!
    Manuka honey and local honey is the best. Also can eb a great sugar subsitute in baked goods(expcted baked goods that require butter and sugar needs to be creamed)and use less up to 70percent less honey then sugar.
    I eat honey everyday but from different regions.

  7. Winddragon Lundholm

    Ok but maybe honey working just as well as sports gell could just mean that the sports gell is just sugar and you get a sugar rush from them?

  8. Winddragon Lundholm

    I just have it in my tea 'cuz my throat hurts

  9. Rose Spaulding

    Keep the honeybees around. Honey is the perfect food.

  10. Kathleen Henson

    Eat Manuka honey. It’s the best in the world. I don’t like honey though.

  11. Josie B.

    A lot of honey on the shelf is fake tho.

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