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  1. Unnatural Vegan

    i look farkin cute in this video what happened (also, supplements: multi & vitamin D)

  2. Li Marrable

    As someone with GERD and IBS I 100% relate to just not being hungry sometimes and having a hard time eating, as well as unintentional weight loss. I just get weird periods where I feel super nauseous for no reason and I can't eat much at a time and everything seems to irritate my stomach.

    All this being said, yes! More love for oatly! It's my favourite milk (including cow milk) it's so tasty and so gentle on my digestion. I've never been able to get along with soy or nut milks so I'm super excited that I enjoy it

  3. Balancelle

    Just a quick question: how do you explain your job to your children? 🙂 when they go to school, don't you think other parents/children want to know and see your channel? 🙂 how would you feel about that? Just wondering <3 Lots of love.

  4. Willy Little

    I'm a long time vegan way before it was trendy. Just interested to know how many of you get you're you're power from solar energy like myself.

  5. Topi Mäkelä

    My Nintendo radar is beeping!!

  6. Katrina Arellano

    “Up to snow good.” Sounds like you! 🤣💖

  7. FeatherCreature

    Swayze im sure you looked into this but why take birth control rather than try to get to the root cause of your menstruation problems? Good luck!

  8. Brittany Spaulding

    Maybe you have parasites

  9. Bree Leon

    Those Trader Joe’s smoked almonds 🙌🏻😍

  10. Simone Conde


  11. Lailah Brown

    how brave of you to come on here and slander swedish fish 😠

  12. Y J

    Eats fried foods (spring rolls / using wok with oil), sprinkles which is processed sugar, gummies. What is this trash diet
    Proceeds to bash Ellen Fisher, FullyRawKristina about their diets which are whole-food plant based no garbage no b.s such as yours LOL. you are a fucking joke

  13. Hazel Jade

    It’s sad that now a days I don’t know whether “Garbage Food Day” means junk food or dumpster diving lol

  14. ayesquiggle

    love ur content but VERY offended by the slander of swedish fish 😤😅

  15. RoguesKiss

    Man it's hard for me to get my toddler to eat food. How do you do it as a vegan? I feel that if I were to be full vegan my toddler would starve with how picky they are haha

  16. Planted For The Planet

    Swedish fish are amazing 😍😍

  17. Juan Santo

    I love pacific hemp milk, sweetened vanilla but will go unsweetened if need be

  18. Melanie C

    You should TOTALLY take up tap dance! It’s exhausting and fantastically mentally-challenging.

  19. Darek Jules

    Thumbs up for Luigi's Mansion!

  20. Melanie C

    Sure thing pineapple trick: Even sized eyes and a green top that looks too small.

  21. S MK

    Pls see a doc soon! Don't like the sound of unexplained weight loss 🙁

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