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  1. vla8806

    Your “What i eat in a Day” video was the best one I’ve seen. You ACTUALLY showed everything you ate and described how you prepare it and what time you eat it at. 👍 👍 👍 I FEEL SO INSPIRED RN 🥊💥🌙😜Thank you!😁

  2. Teresa Fuentes

    "I don't do dairy"
    uses whey protein (dairy derived protein)
    Lmao face palm

  3. Ewa Z

    Maaan every channel is suddenly about fitmess and weight loss…. Youtube just recommends me: How to loose weight in 5 days, what you need to eat to loose weight, what I eat to loose weight etc😶 It's everywhere and I feel like: oh damn they look good maybe I should eat like them and not how I want xD

  4. Corinne Knapp

    Just wondering when your gonna do another OMG awkward bc those vids were bomb

  5. Fi Goodwin

    You don’t eat dairy but you’re using whey protein? I’m confused!

  6. Margaret Ng


  7. KT 7


  8. Madeline Wright


  9. Rocio Perez

    alisha: *starts talking abt how you should drink water

    me: slowly grabs the water bottle next to me

  10. Adam.in.style

    I love that promo video! It’s so cool!

  11. Maanjunaath Erannawar


  12. Katebakes

    Me watching this while eating cookies I made late at night because I had a craving for cookie dough and my mom ate the last bit from the fridge so I made it instead and now I feel gross 🥰🥰🥰

  13. Marwa Ahmadi

    Just imagine if junk food helped keep you skinny and fit and veggies were unhealthy and not good for u. I'd be the skinniest person alive 😂

  14. f i o n a

    U literally posted two videos in a dayy! Wowowowow can we just?!

  15. Jesicavxo

    wait 5 cups of 32 oz ?!
    i need to drink more water asap.

  16. Jimena Fajardo

    I see that Tajín in the cabinet 👀

  17. Ariona Raya

    Where are ur back to school videos cuz I love ur back to school season

  18. RachelQueen 3

    Where is back to school vids

    I know this is early 😂

  19. HeyItsTay

    I’ve been struggling with my weight and like…. what you eat, ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD. I might have to try it!

  20. Kristella Beauty

    Love it Alisha! 🙂 wish to know how I can lose weight 🙂 Who wants to support me ? I am close to 200 subs and I uploaded ebay haul 🙂

  21. Bella Quinto

    this is probably one of my favourite videos from alisha. she's so real and she isn't trying to hide anything. she inspired me to eat healthier.

  22. Isabelle Linares


  23. My creative Space5

    Ayyyyy the vanity mirror😂

  24. Sydney Alexander

    Raspberries are my fav fruit

  25. Nathalie Pineda

    To be honest is amazing how much you eat in a day and still everything is so healthy! So proud of you!!!

  26. Gabbieohh

    I love her water cup 😭😭

  27. Family Aders

    3:093:10 ash is rolling her eyes at Alisha.

  28. Gracie Christine davis

    I’ve never thot of eating this much when I’m trying to lose weight, but you have done a great job of explaining XD

  29. milly larz

    Yaassss!!! This is so workable. Thank you for taking the time to post this!!!

  30. Alexis Freckleton

    mango's are soo good



  32. Nerisah_xo

    That white lace top tho 😍

  33. Anonymous s

    Thanks lisha

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