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  1. Aisha Khan

    Thank you for this informative video! 🤩

  2. Irene Hernandez

    All great items but I most excited about the Foreo

  3. Ms. Ezmirelda

    So gorgeous

  4. Sarah Kwak

    Girlllll!! I saw that the Foreo is going on sale and I am stoked!! I'll be there, getting one or two for myself! And the UD powder, I am here for. Love this vid! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. LaJerica Nicole

    You mentioned everything I had my eyes on 🤩 definitely stocking up the benefit brow pencil (I love abh brow wiz but I always go too heavy handed when using the brow definer) gonna grab some Kylie lip kits too. Full price I’d pass but you can’t beat two products for half off! Loved the video you jumped straight into everything didn’t even feel like a 12 min video 😆

    Edit: almost forgot the cleaning sponge! Hoping it’d be a great investment for my skin

  6. jo_ v80

    I don't have an Ulta but for those other Canadians out there, the Too Face natural eyes, natural lust palette AND natural face palettes are also all on sale at Sephora right now, I think at 40% off! I can't wait until next year when we actually get Ulta here though 🙂 xo

  7. Slashed Beauty

    CORRECTION: The Foreo Luna Play Plus will be on sale on the 2nd** lol I’m so sorry I had a few errors in this video! I was working on 21 Days content all day and the deals started blurring together. Let me know if you catch anything else and be sure to cross reference the sale calendar linked in the description!

  8. Gina De Luca

    Tbt, the foreo is on sale on the 2nd, not 4th. The too faced and the tarte palettes were intriguing to me since they are part of the sale but I feel like I wouldn't reach for those palettes now then before since I have other shadow palettes I am loving. I'm not sure about getting brow products due to I still have my brow wiz, fill and fluff, and elf ultra brow. But i am interested in the tarte blushes since they are promising and I still have the holiday one with the clutch. But I am also interested in the clarisonic brush head since i found my device plus my sis needs new brush heads as well. But the cover fx perfect setting powder I'm more interested in because it is a natural finish and not too matte. I might check out the buxom liners but idk because I'm picky with lip liners…and misplace them sometimes.

  9. Manisha L

    Thank you for recommendations…
    You looking so Beautiful 😍

  10. Samantha Johnson

    I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. metrini

    Definitely skipping this sale!! Thanks for the recommendations !

  12. Rachel_Rebel_Makeup

    You look beautiful in pink Miranda. I enjoyed hearing your recommendations. I have a lot of these products but I am considering getting the MAC lipsticks. They picked such beautiful fall shades for the sale.

  13. Sherry Lamphear

    i have been wanting the toofaced palettes

  14. cheska villaverde

    Another informative video. Thank you so much💖

  15. cheska villaverde

    #notifsquad ❤❤❤

  16. cheska villaverde


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