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  1. Keto N Koffee with Marjorie

    Definitely love this, I stopped using packaged anything mostly. I am going to try your bacon mayo! I have lost 50 lbs. and weight loss is slowing just a little but I keep tweaking everything to stay on the straight and narrow! I am used to no sugar and can taste it in anything now in a restaurant. Keep em coming Doc! xoxoMarjorie

  2. charles ryanlee

    Maybe you should do a list that has all the words they use for sugar.

  3. Sarp Alptekin

    Hey dr berry ı have a question for you how about the sparkling naturel mineral water with keto diet?

  4. benzman500sl

    Are there any acceptable keto sweeteners?

  5. Dr T

    What are pork rinds fried in?

  6. Hunter Sheffield

    Dr. Berry, what do you have to say about artificial sweeteners such as aspartame?

  7. Kaeben

    I bought some steam in bag vegetables and they tasted rotten, then I noticed it had maltodextrin… not sure why they had to add that.

  8. Kurtis Blow

    Stevia and Monk fruit? Erythritol?

  9. Debbie Bolek

    You are awesome, Dr. Berry. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all you do❤️

  10. Norman Karraker

    How about Coke Zero and Sprite Zero ? They advertise no sugar and no carbs. Are they good to drink ?

  11. Tammy Harper

    I ate at a restaraunt last month and ordered fried eggs and bacon, I had to make sure they used real butter to cook my eggs in. I asked what they used and it was Canola oil, don't take for granted the oils they use are good, most likely it's crap because it's less expensive.

  12. Sarah Poulin

    What evidence is there that MSG raises blood sugar? All I can find are correlation studies (ie, studies of populations and what they ate and drawing the conclusion that the higher MSG group had high rates of diabetes). But these studies don't show whether maybe those groups with high MSG intake also ate more carbohydrates (ie, MSG in rice). Are there are studies that actually test blood sugar after consuming MSG?

  13. Hal Shutter

    Wow !! What a phenomenal video – great stuff !!!

  14. Stacie Stowell

    I'm a type 1 diabetic and I wear an insulin pump. I've been eating keto for the last year. I know that I won't loose as much weight at the same rate as non insulin dependant people. Does my insulin keep me out of ketosis? Just wondering?

  15. Ryan Skalla

    Ken, you mentioned almond flour. It that keto-friendly and, if so, why? Because it’s not wheat? Same question regarding coconut flour. Love your channel.

  16. Mark Shippit

    What food corporations are selling is killing mankind 😝

  17. foxiefair123

    This crap is in EVERYTHING! 😵 It's almost impossible to avoid. I have to read everything I eat to the point where I seem like this paranoid uptight person. It makes me mad, though, that I am practically being forced to consume things that I don't want to. If we get sick, then forget it, because the maltodextrin in the cold medicines, etc. basically ruins Keto until you are able to stop taking it. Good luck, everyone.

  18. Coaching With Kelly

    My husband calls protein bars made with Maltitol "Fart bars." Made traveling across country one year miserable, stinky and funny one year. Doesn't take much either. You just broke my lazy heart with the shredded cheese comments 😭

  19. Coaching With Kelly

    Marinara sauce has the least amount of natural sugars and carbs, but it can still raise my insulin and put me to sleep right away. What? Bacon grease mayo?!?

  20. mandy deane

    Thank you, Dr Berry I didn't realise the sausages I bought had wheat flour. I went and looked and there it was no wonder I haven't lost weight. One mistake rectified probably a load more to go.

  21. Brandi Erickson

    Dude, is it breaded? Lol…..Love Dr. Berry 🙂

  22. Bill Rayvan

    Can't see why people bother with carbs from any source.

  23. M Way

    Found out the hard way, gained weight from Maltitol in Think Thin protein bars! They're all horrible, most have soybean oil. I was eating them like crazy and my blood pressure went up, sky high. I don't know what my blood sugar was but I know the bars kicked me out of Keto, cause I gained weight, as I kept eating them!

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