What is the relationship between guilt and cancer?

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Sadly, guilt is one of the greatest fantasies on earth, and few people commit crimes. If you have committed a crime [you must, otherwise you will not be a person], you must be punished. The amount of punishment always corresponds to the degree of guilt that you feel. The sinner you feel [regardless of the nature of your "sin"], more misfortunes actually come to you. If you don't start to feel guilty, then at some point you may start to feel embarrassed because you don't feel any guilt. The result is the same – you expect to be punished, that is, you play the role of the victim. And this is exactly what happened. You punish yourself in various ways and condemn yourself as correct. In most cases, the punishment you give yourself is to make yourself [or rather, your body] sick. You must suffer for your sin, right? Is there any better way to experience pain than creating strong body pain? Doctors call it "cancer." Objectively, [partly] your body is eating you. Subjectively, sinful people have eaten you. In fact, you yourself, do all of this for yourself.

So, why don't you feel guilty again? Easy – take responsibility! Guilt and responsibility are complementary. You are either guilty or responsible. Responsible people always control themselves and their emotions. They do not accept the concept of "sin". Instead, they talk about their mistakes. They understand that mistakes are an ideal part of their learning journey. When an error occurs, the responsible person asks himself: “What can I learn from, what can I do to avoid the same mistakes in the future?” In other words, responsible people take action instead of waiting Punishment [become a victim, just like a sinful person]. They are also responsible for their feelings, because pain is sometimes inevitable, and pain is always optional.

Now, how do you know if you feel guilty or are you responsible? This is a simple test: if you feel lost in the event of a problem, then you will feel guilty, so you are irresponsible; if you feel that you have power, then you must be held responsible. this is your choice. Control what you can do and accept things that you can't control. And remember: guilt can cause disease; responsibility goes beyond disease.

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