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  1. Zaheen Rahman

    Sorry to say I didn't like your hair routine. And I also don't like the look of your hair.

  2. Pooja Amane

    Cameraman must be v bored n patient while shooting this video

  3. Pooja Amane

    Y she is soo happy after each step??😂😂😂

  4. Pooja Amane

    Y is she so confused while mentioning her own favorites???🥵🤣

  5. sugandhi chawla

    Who does'nt wanna look young 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Poulami Banerjee

    This is the old one.. Disgusting why you guys are repeating old videos?

  7. Laushikha Vohra

    If you really wanna keep it natural you should not use makeup!

  8. Sheetal Maurya

    Don't do so much hard work popxo, no one is going to watch😂😂

  9. Nishita Rao

    Your nose piercings look a bit weird

  10. Parul Narayan

    Nothing fancy or made up.Thats speciality of Vani's makeup.Simple yet so classy.❤❤

  11. Ishika Shah

    Popxo ❤😘

  12. kajal faraijia

    In 1 hour only 3 comments what happened pop xo😁

  13. Miss Dishika Sahani

    Who love Vani
    Hit like

  14. vidhi manek

    Same video 🐻

  15. Manju Yadav

    Is vani promoting NYX ?? 😖😂

  16. Miss. Arya

    Why r y'all reposting the same videos?!


    First view 💕

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