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  1. BittersweetOrBust

    Your lunches look so delicious and filling! But I’d be afraid to eat that much fiber at work without taking several Beano tablets!

  2. Val MacKenna

    You figured out how to show salad-building in a creative (non-boring) way – nicely done! Enjoying watching your channel and your successes with weight-loss through healthy eating 🙂 WTG, Krocks!

  3. Nichole Rich

    I just wanted to say that I love you guys! Your videos are awesome! I wish my husband was willing to help me on my plant based journey. He'll eat what I cook so that's something. Anyway one thing I use all the time is my lunch crock. It's amazing! You can leave base plugged in at your desk and you just take the inner container home to fill back up with your soup. It's a mini crockpot, it doesn't get hot enough to cook only to heat up your food. It's way better than microwaving.

  4. Helen Sullivan

    Great video!!! I would like to know what you both might snack on in the evening or anytime? I always look forward for your videos and recipes.

  5. MMN

    Just found your channel. So proud of you for going plant based. 🙌🏻

  6. cbzombiequeen58

    More recipes, with an ingredients list. on a diet also.

  7. Bev Rockey

    I just found you on you tube and LOVE 💕 yours ! I noticed you use Trader Joe’s nutritional yeast . Is it non fortified! Chef AJ says we should use that and so does most ! Sari is a good one from Amazon. I get mine from Vitacost https://www.vitacost.com/foods-alive-nutritional-yeast-non-synthetic?q=nutritional+yeast&ta=nut

  8. LE

    This was not boring at all. Please make some more of these videos

  9. Lisa Bourque

    So inspiring, loved this video❤️

  10. Diane Draveski

    EXCELLENT food photography on your website and excellent video productions always. I enjoy your low key but cute presentations and as a struggle bus member, find your tips superb…..and ok you like Vera Bradleys too! Yup I have that bag its so fun! Thank you always!

  11. Diane Draveski

    Not boring very helpful! Krocks Rock.

  12. Debbie Price

    That's lot if fruit

  13. Maureen K

    It wasn't boring at all. You guys are great!

  14. Maureen K

    Love everything, as usual, and especially the music!

  15. Shirlann

    Very informative! I struggle with meal ideas and you two have made it that much easier. So thank you.

  16. paescribano

    You both are so cute. My new favorite channel to watch😀

  17. Gat Mawn

    Some very good looking food in here! I do feel obligated to mention that Sriracha’s 2nd ingredient is Sugar.

  18. nancy miller

    Hi guys! I watched your potato video. I don’t like potatoes, do you think oatmeal would work the same way?

  19. Trish Tonks

    Not boring at all guys ! Thanks so much .

  20. Sandy Howard

    I loved this video. It was very informative and helped me to see what you can take in a lunch. You guys are great and I look forward to your videos. (I like the new haircut).

  21. BC Hyzer

    What beverages do you drink?

  22. Nat Mann

    I love this! super relatable ☺️

  23. VASTFLYER 232••••••••

    Pls quit vegan and do low carb look up vegan deterioration

  24. DoRight

    HAHAHA his lunch box was offended. LOL

  25. wiini diaz

    Hi thanks for sharing We appreciate you too 😃

  26. scrow62

    I LOVE your What we eat in a day video!! DO MORE!! 😉

  27. Mary Daniels

    I see that the Jaroudis eat the Dr. Greger Cookbook.. that is my plant based bible, folks! Has saved my life..

  28. Sharon McHarg

    That salad! Looks sooooo good.

  29. Mary Daniels

    heh…the music tracks!

  30. Carly Franklin

    Bc I’m so loyal to you guys, I’ve noticed that you seem to feel better after the mary’s mini. Having fun again!! Not only did you guys do 3 meals a day but also stayed making and posting your 2 weekly Vlogs. It is much appreciated! Happy to feel the good vibes. 🙂

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