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  1. S

    Hi Jas, hope you are having a great day. I wanted to tell you I saw Beyond Burger crumbles in walmart. They had fiesta seasoning for tacos😊

  2. ANDI

    Are you ok love? No thursday video and no ig update. That’s Unlike you. ❤️

  3. Kirsten Welch

    My 2020 goal is to start eating healthy like you 💕

  4. Yarenis LeBron

    I’d love to see more videos like this. My family (husband and 2 boys) recently began transitioning to vegan eating and would love to see all the products recipes you do. 😊

  5. Cynthia Carinaaa

    Omg I forgot you got surgery jas 😭
    I was like “new year new jas she’s engaged now and no more blogging” lmao I hope the healing process is going well!
    And can’t wait to see the new jas on future uploads without glasses 🤗💕

  6. Danielle Geronimo

    will you talk about your lasik surgery experience?

  7. Joni Walling

    I love Aldi 🙂

  8. Irene Morales

    💙hearing Bernard trotting. Veggies & potatoes looked yummy. I make taters with bell peppers & onion😋

  9. Jackie S

    Will you be doing a video on your lasik eye surgery??

  10. Clarissa Arroyo

    love your videos!

  11. Alyssa Mendoza

    Please post more videos like this!

  12. mrsfabylopez_

    Those tacos looks so good!

  13. Jay B

    Love thisss😍

  14. lizzy ramos

    Those cookies are not good! Please do not waste your money on that!!!

  15. Agnes Kraiss

    This was super helpful! Did you also purchase the go veggie cream cheese from Aldi, too?

  16. Li Conz

    i love ur videos so i don't want to be negative but Aldi isnt super popular nation wide and also the veggies and fruit is only good at some stores. i am near three different ones and healthy options depend on location (poorer cities have less healthy options) so maybe another store suggestion would help more people. love ya tho☺💜

  17. Lora Coleman

    Can you please do more of these videos like you used to do before??

  18. Raisa Chowdhury

    What's your workout routine?

  19. Jeany Lowe

    Hope you are recovering nicely with your Lasik eye surgery. Let us know if you can tell a difference. I noticed on the nutritional label on your products that they were very high in carbs. You are concerned about that at all? Your food looked very good and delicious, especially the tacos.

  20. Raisa Chowdhury

    I forgot to mention in the comment you look gorgeous!!! Your weightless transformation is amazing !!!

  21. Raisa Chowdhury

    I've been trying to lose weight since 2017 but it just doesn't work out. I don't know how to effectively lose weight. I am 164 Ibs my goal is to go down to 125-130 with in that range. These videos are definitely motivating but I know it also takes a lot of discipline I either starve myself for a month and lose like 7 Ibs or like binge eat. Also I think its because I still live with my parents and don't work and I don't by my own food. My siblings and family always eat junk food. 🙁

  22. Kami Miles

    I miss Aldi SOOOOO much!! Also you should deff so before and after photos of you haven’t already- you look amazing !!

  23. Zara Khan

    How long it took you to lose weight?

  24. Denisevalerie Cisneros

    ? So are you vegan or is it just for weight loss ?

  25. Chanelle Parks

    I live in belize and we don’t do cheese on our tacos. I’ve never seen it until youtube

  26. anasmilez43

    You had me at ALDI 🥰

  27. Karen Sierra

    Are the bagel thins vegan??

  28. Olivia Valentina


  29. Jackiie Sanchez

    I love watching “What I Eat In A Day” videos to get ideas of meals I can make . Love your Channel girly 💗 all your drugstore makeup looks 👌🏽😻 you should make a grocery haul 🙏🏽😊

  30. Awnee Vlogs


  31. Veronica Vargo

    I love guac..So good..

  32. Kika O

    so yummy i need to try the bagel thins hope your eyes are healing ❤️❤️

  33. yamizaret aguero

    Love these type of videos more pls

  34. Krystal Banuelos

    Have yu lost any more weight? Or are yu just maintaining right now

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