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  1. pleiades

    I don’t care for stevia. It’s in everything. I use the mct powder for my tea. I wish that it’s left out.

  2. Julie Gale LCHF81

    Thank you, best answer yet of why I got gallstones – years of low calories and low fat, Grrr now no gallbladder.

  3. Wagner Lopes

    Exactly! People think your problems are in the fat. Yes, they are in the "bad" fat not in the good fats. We need good fats everyday for health.

  4. OML 10

    Very educational. Currently, I’m also reading your book these days and find it very beneficial. Lots of medical technical words that enforce me to open the dictionary and clear them up, only it is very good and well written. You are in a mission. 😊👍 Thank you.

  5. Samantha Tatman

    Well damn. I've been cutting my calories, but I'm doing the ketogenic diet. I'm still pretty young yet, so there shouldn't be too much damage. As I've been going through my meals, I'll probably only eat around two meals a day, but they're all high fat so I feel full for a long time. Like, I eat when I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry I don't eat. I still exercise though.

  6. Ellenor Malik

    Less on a high fat diet

  7. Lying Eyes

    Help me understand, if you are fat, which can lead to gallstones, you can’t cut calories or fat, or you’ll get gallstones. So how do lose weight? Can’t cut fat or calories.

  8. itay mitra


  9. Dakiniwoman

    Wow… what great information… thanks so much…

  10. Daniel Kochan

    So can you do the amazing liver flush to flush out all the gallstones?

  11. John Smithy

    I've been intermittent fasting – now I'm concerned that might not be such a great idea.

  12. Grundy Malone

    Great explanation, so much great info on your channel!

  13. Beverly Escalera

    Great video! I think you have explained a very complicated topic so that everyone can understand it. Such an important organ that is so poorly understood by most. Thank you for all you do! 🤗👍

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