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  1. Mel's Weight Loss Journey

    Thanks for joining us! Can’t wait to do another one! ♥️♥️

  2. Yolanda Hodgson

    I love to make cheese with Greek Yogurt and eat it with Melba toast or rice cakes for breakfasts

  3. Yolanda Hodgson

    Love ice sparkling water

  4. Judy Wallner

    I mix skinnygirl poppyseed dressing with non fat Greek yogurt it makes a great creamy dressing it you are going to talk about salad dressing in the future

  5. Irene Bonomo

    Yes, please, salad dressings!

  6. Sandra Otero

    Salad dressings please

  7. Yvonne Thompson Loos

    Salad dressing info please.

  8. Laura Lynn

    Kim this is a great collaboration, and you did a really good demo of what you keep in your fridge. I also like your refidgerator. What brand is it. Model number if it’s not too involved to find. I love the round open spot on the door that is right above the shelf with biscuits. What is that for. I love when you gals share collabs. Jimmy Johns picked sound yum. Checking them out. Can you buy them at the fast food store? Thanks for sharing 💕

  9. JK Stevens

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to have a refrigerator full of food for your family? We are the lucky ones.

  10. Danielle Nichole

    Thank you for the great ideas. This was a fun Collab!

  11. Gale Mathews

    Thanks for sharing. Your information is so helpful. I love your containers, as well.

  12. Deborah Field

    Great tips

  13. Judy Garris

    Yes, please talk about salad dressings.

  14. Lorri Thompson

    Enjoyed the video. It always inspires me when I see what other people do. Love your dog. I have an English Mastiff too and she is always under my feet in the kitchen. 🙂

  15. Betty Parsons

    I love your blouse. Where did you find it? ❤️😊

  16. rose609

    Great collab I got a lot of ideals

  17. Kim Bedgood

    Interesting collab!😀

  18. Patches Neshell

    We literally have the same Ww friendly items in our fridge. That's how much I watch your videos. Lol.

  19. Janice

    You look AMAZING 😉!

  20. Angela Payne


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