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    We need to raise awareness about asthma! Share this video with your friends and also leave a comment if you know any other stories of people who left their inhaler at home.

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  2. Frank Greth

    A miracle from God

  3. FlyingSquirrel

    Many people won’t see this but

    To the random percentage that does, at least I did not get the percentages 100% wrong.

  4. Ryland Patey

    Did anyone notice she said trecking instead of camping

  5. Lars Vids

    I have had asthma my whole life and just found out it’s a disease..

  6. herbigc

    I have asthma and this is really true


    I have asthma I can relate to you and that’s why we got carpets out and put wood in

  8. XxCupcake LoverxX cupcakes for life

    I have an inhaler not because of asthma its because a while ago I had stuff in my lungs.

  9. Light Bulb

    Asthma? I have that, I know the struggle

  10. kitty1234 my mom is the best

    Ii have asthma

  11. Jac Evans

    I've got asthma and I got to have a tablet and my inhaler every day

  12. Britany Julien

    I have asmar to

  13. Sean y


  14. Gooddog

    i have asthma and it comes often BUT i will start track in middle school to help my asthma or get exercise in general

    like if you are working tords your goals 🙂

  15. EpicHere

    I have asthma and so do a lot of my friends and it is nowhere near as bad as she says. I literally participate and compete in sports all the time and my asthma only holds me back if I do it for an extended period of time. (3-4 hours)

  16. Red Studios :3

    Don't worry one of my brothers, my mom, and my dad have the same problem.

  17. Gabriela Rodriguez

    My friend had asma and one time he for got his inhaler at his house he survived but now he no longer has asma.hope no one would have to go through this

  18. Jennifer willaman

    I do to

  19. Nubiana Sparks

    I don't understand the need to diminish what God did. You could have laid down and died, but you didn't. Don't take away God's props because you are not alive by accident.

  20. Cara Hamilton

    I have asma

  21. Angel Keith Calumpag

    i can relate too cause i do have asma

  22. Mouses Studio

    I don’t know anyone who left their inhaler at home but do you know someone who has asthma actually a lot of people have it I know lotta people who are asthma my entire classroom has mono in first grade

  23. dream cloud

    I have astma and i hate it!
    I just have a lot of things wrong with me 😦😕

  24. Megan Leck


  25. Megan Leck

    Yea Asthma sucks and it's really hard to live when your sick because with asthma and your not sick it already is bad but if your sick ITS EVEN WORSE

  26. Megan Leck

    I have Asthma IT SUCKS AND I HATE IT!!!

  27. Panic! In the club

    My friend has it and he smokes

  28. Jennifer Bennink

    I used to have Asthma but I don't have it anymore


    I agree no one understands. but you do thanks 1 like = 1 person that can relate

  30. Kenquina halmon

    Omg this is soooooo aboutme

  31. A Money

    I have it

  32. Zombie 105

    Hay quick story my teachers(school) suspended my athsma pump for using it when I had a attack

  33. Zombie 105

    Can relate

  34. Zombie 105

    This is so true

  35. The Mapper

    I hate asthma!!!!! I have it if no medicine works u need to call 911 for a professional breathing treatment

  36. Christina Milliren

    Ik how that girl feels I have asma 2

  37. Daily Lisa

    Mostly left handers have Asthma and I’m left handers, but guess what….

    I am left handed and I don’t have asthma

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