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  1. Ditch Spaksch

    literally got teary-eyed. So much passion, so much emotion

  2. Solo LoLs

    2:16 and after…..

  3. Fernando Mercado

    Miss my grandma

  4. Christopher Flores

    You guys harness energy, emotion, and inspiration then put it in beautiful songs for people to consume and for some heal. Thank you.

  5. Christopher Flores

    Yo this song was powerful…

  6. IceCool i5

    You people are weird

  7. gabriel barblay

    Metal is devils music

  8. Steven Theogoi

    damn it just so fuckin awsome !!

  9. Nicki Collis

    This is so satanic music lol. I love you lads!

  10. MightOfTheStray

    It’s silly, but the intro reminds me the Poor’s man Bomb explosion in HxH!

  11. minshum

    I lost my Dad to cancer 23/08/2018. This song reminds me of everything I felt at the time as well as how I’m now left feeling.
    He never complained about how he felt. He died with pride and dignity but I don’t really think he appreciated how much this was “our cancer”.
    I will love you forever Dad 💚

  12. Aizuddin Ahmad


  13. J Blades

    The fucking most underrated WSS song @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  14. Silent Guird

    Anyone in 2019? Seriously man,, I just love the riffs…

  15. Sree Rag

    I am here beacause all other metal core banda are dead … and I REALLY GOT THE BEST BAND HERE REAL TALENT ! be this way guys !

  16. niceLYOU &

    the west is the weakness , the east everlasting

  17. Dimas Pramudya Sumarsis

    My Inspiration, My Guidance, My Home

  18. Babette Zimmermann

    Lost my mum this year by cancer. She was only 56 years old. Thank you for this song. Helps me so much.

  19. Sorin

    in 2014 i dealt with alot of depression and lost many friends i thought were but they werent who i thought anymore. right now its the 31st of october 2018 and i'm having to end a toxic friendship that has totally wrecked me mentally. the hard part is that i care about the person and hope she/he will become better and grow. but i just can't do this anymore and need time for myself to heal. this song saved me the rest of what was left of 2014 at the time and now this song will hopefully help me along the way since it has helped so much. Thanks WSS for what you do and the lyrics you put out there<3

  20. Its Not Wednesday

    there is some funky sounds with this song. if you wear headphones, you can hear it better with the vocals.

  21. Austin Wiebe

    Holy fuck is this powerful. I had goosebumps from beginning to end.

  22. David Ralyea

    This is the song that got me into this band. They've grown so much since I saw them one lucky day all those years ago.

  23. Marthe Nijs

    Please play this song live..

  24. Jose arquimedes Doñe alvarez

    Me gusta esta banda 😍

  25. Undead Kingdom

    This song was the strongest support through the death of my mother back in January. I had it on repeat for five whole days. This band is one of the many things that pushed me through to become stronger in my darkest days.

  26. Mateus Hendler

    This song will always be my favourite from this band

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