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  1. AsianCrush

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  2. Sperling Anastasia

    When the dude bleeder it was scary ;-;

  3. rain girl

    jEnNy hmmm sounds familiar and also from AmErIcA and kOrEa

  4. neuralcircuit

    A natural beauty, haha.

  5. The Disney Expert Of All Time

    Me 24/7

  6. Chip Hip

    저는이 영화가 좋아요! 너무 고무적입니다.

  7. Ivy Ayako

    Was that girl jennie from blackpink they look the same…

  8. Walker Kun

    It's not too late before you start exercising and change urself

  9. Emily_lovesGachA Emily_lovesGachA

    crazy man: *yells at Hanna for nothing*
    crazy man again: *bleeds bc she is so beautiful and he didn’t recognize her at the first place*

  10. Ashlee C.

    Please change the caption/title of this video. It make the movie have a bad light. People who haven't even watched it already give it a bad rep because of stuff like this. This movie is very motivational and emotional, I recommend it.

  11. Sudesh Gupta

    Her face at 0:54 😝

  12. Hope and Nice

    6:01 HELPPPPPpPppppPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Beng Tui


  14. sysy yas

    it is sooo funny

  15. Phei Hafwen

    She looks like Jennie from BlackPink tbh

  16. Jashmine BFF

    Like this movie so much🎵😍😍😍😍❤❤🤗🤗

  17. Murt Hill

    “Plastic surgery is for those who lack confidence in themselves but you are one of them. They will still tell her to do Plastic surgery with natural beauty.

  18. 🕯The Last Darling🕯

    As a skinny person people treat me so differently.
    Boys treat me like their bestfriend while, girls think I'm stuck up at first glance. Being "attractive" around girls is fucking annoying because they always say random rumors about me even though no body believes it because I'm a Tomboy.

  19. Rie Escarpe Castillo

    This clip remind me of a movie
    ' My Wife Is A Gangster'

  20. Acani 60fps

    This Channel Is My New Meaning Of Life

  21. Mint Green


  22. Otaku Mierdero

    Cirugía? tal vez
    Magia negra? Puede ser
    Estoy pendeja? Efectivamente

  23. Michelle Yang

    But dang she a great singer

  24. Michelle Yang

    Omg this is just sad and shallow

  25. Tiger Lito

    Shes so BOUETIFUL

  26. Unknown _inspiration

    she looks like black pink

  27. Lauren Dabney

    she can sing im subscribing

  28. Insanity weirdness cooper

    She so pretty everyone like ( oooh damn she fine) XD she get away with everything

  29. Issay Mendoza

    Is this the real story of her life?

  30. stan parkjimin

    I really wish I could be as pretty as her, just shave all the weight off and feel happy for once. It sucks being ugly and it sucks knowing you arent good enough for the person you wanna be with- i dont know what to think of life anymore

  31. Kaela Creighton

    Not where I end up. It's a good way to end up in a lot of trouble with the psychos created by not-not arguments. That's why I rarely wore makeup when I bloomed because of where I am in society. Nightmare. Look at me now. I'm a hag. I was like, it will end or look at my teeth. I'd rather be ugly. It's like wearing a cover. I'm getting older now, and it doesn't matter. I wish there was more pride in taking care of yourself. It's like, you're not pretty because you just ate ten donuts and treat your body like a racetrack with treats and no exercise. I do that now, but I don't have a problem with attractive people. I like eating, but I still have a problem with it. I think it's because of the pills making low dopamine in my brain, so I crave things that release it. And I wonder about the brain damage.

  32. ElviraM Garcia

    OMG that guy looks like a really old version of Jungkook from BTS not going to lie😁

  33. Risa Cahyana


  34. amy

    You can be fat and be hot

  35. Pineapple:/

    Too bad plastic surgery can't treat stupidity

  36. Gacha_wolfie 2

    What is her real name?!?

  37. MGTOW Stan

    simp ideological attacks

  38. StereoDeth

    Okay, when her girlfriend went to the homeless woman, I was sold.
    I'm going to watch this! Just realized the movie is from 2006, which explains a lot.
    These days people are way to sensitive about this subject, even if the movie has a message.

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