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  1. Lisa Rose

    I don’t remember the Blonds collection! Was that country specific? (I’m from the UK)

  2. Alleah Sasseville

    I do have the fenty pallet and I do love it!! The quality for her products are always AMAZING but I do understand why people did not like this pallet, the colours are not for everyone!!

  3. rak teapot

    I got that Fenty palette (and still want several pieces from that collection), if the colours speak to you, then its absolutely worth it. The formula is lovely and they’re just beautiful

  4. SusanG

    I tend to shy away from specific holiday palettes. The quality is often inferior to the regular items in the lines. Plus they are often made in different factories than usual, (China, mostly), which I avoid whenever I can.

  5. Laura A

    Could you please do a makeup tutorial on that look? It is STUNNING 😩
    I love the concept of this video!

  6. Arlen Loving Life

    I love my hourglass palette, the pat McGrath palettes. The pineapple palette I could do without

  7. Seerat Gogia

    Yes hourglass!! Use it everyday!

  8. Gee Smith

    If you want to get the fetish blush palette, JC Penney has it for $21.50. I'm shocked.

  9. Stephanie Keith

    Oh I love this vid concept! So cool. Just love talking about makeup!

  10. Mayane Gaboury - Pichardo

    I want the tutorial for this look you have on… omg I can’t stop admiring the blending of the colors together 👀👀👀👌🏼peachy pink gradient just beautiful 😍

  11. Allie Dee

    I have that Fenty palette, and I love it! I mostly use it for eyeshadow.

  12. Steffanie Luvs Makeup, Pugs & More!

    I was not able to get the gingerbread pallet when it was first released.. I did scoop it up from Ulta as soon as I heard it was back, and I don’t regret it!! ❤️

  13. CarissaEllyn

    I can't even find 1 review on mac x the blonds. Did that happen??

  14. TheSameYellowToy

    I reluctantly bought both Fetish palettes. I LOVE the lavender and orange blushes in the face one, and the highlighters were okay but there wasn't much product. The eye palette is hit or miss, some shades are great while others are horribly patchy.

  15. Crystal Mendoza

    I love this content!i have two things from holiday you mentioned: sultry and natasha’s cranberry. I don’t regret not picking anything else up.

  16. Colleen O'Keefe

    The only holiday things I bought last year were Sultry and the Hourglass palette. I use both regularly and am very glad I picked them up. Nothing else appealed to me then or now!

  17. thelipstickgal

    I love my Sultry palette. I quit purchasing Tarte and Too Faced holiday items years ago.

  18. Emily Deep

    I’m super tempted by the gingerbread palette come back. I wanted it during holidays and it sold out- so pretty excited they’re bringing it back! Trying to wait for a good deal at ulta with GWP or a bigger coupon

  19. Tamara Sparks

    I skipped all the 2018 holiday releases. I really wanted the Hourglass. I just couldn't justify that much money. I still use the UD Heavy Metal and Tarte small circle blush palette from 17.

  20. thatblackkat15

    I didn't remember the blondes collection until i saw the photos lol.

  21. vampbloodred

    I bought the Grinch eyeliner set i used all the colours for 3 months striaght. Then the colors went out of season and now they just sit in my eyeliner cup until the colors come back in style or halloween 😂.

  22. Stephanie Feliciano

    Kat Von D's holiday palettes looked like my old birth control containers from the 2000s. It completely turned me off. I just bought the gingerbread palette solely for the packaging plus my 5 year old daughter steals it whenever I use it.

  23. Léa

    Did you do this for previous years as well or is this a new series? I really like this idea! 🙂

  24. Mediocre Generica

    I bought Sultry and as much as I like it, I kinda regret buying it right away instead of waiting for sales, because during winter I ended up just using Norvina. Also I bought those damn Tarte brushes for some reason lol idk why I thought they'd be cute somewhere but they're so big and bulky, they just sit in my drawer. There was another Tarte holiday set I believe only Macy's sold? I bought that and got one for a friend and I actually quite liked it. It was Hawaiian theme – it came with a full size palette, mascara, pencil eyeliner, glossy lip paint, and blush.
    Honestly this year I think the only thing I'd buy during holiday is anything that's on sale. If not I know all the holiday stuff will be on sale come January and I'll just buy them then.

  25. Florrie Davey

    I recieved the Urban Decay Elements palette for Christmas and it is so so beautiful 💚

  26. at some point

    You’re so pretty! That eye makeup is ethereal

  27. Lori Frederick

    I snagged the KVD Fetish Blush palatte when it went on sale. I love it. I have been using it all year. The glitter highlight shades are great on my eyes.

  28. Scr3amerrr

    I use my KVD blush palette so religiously I bought 2 backups on clearance 😅
    already 2/3rds of the way throuvh my original….

  29. kat locke

    I love the hourglass holiday palettes. The colors can often be mixed together.

  30. Aury Naranjo

    Please do a tutorial on this look!! Love love love

  31. Lacey Shrum

    I bought the ABH Sultry palette. I still use it. I love the shimmers and it has some of the few cool tone neutrals I own. So it definitely still gets used.

  32. Jennifer Wilson

    You look super beautiful in this dress and the blush draping and the glasses …. Just 😍😍😍 xxx

  33. Gee L

    I never heard of the blond collection from MAC. I did buy for 1/2 price, the UD round palette. I'm glad I got I'm sale. But rarely have i felt any 40 & over pallets was worth the money. However, I wish I had bought the Gingerbread, many liked it, but this year with the New SHIMMER GINGERBREAD Pallette, I'm certainly going to purchase that even if I must pay 40. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JULY This was a very fun video.🎄💄🎄

  34. Emily c

    I got the tarte "passport to paradise" set (not the pineapple palette but the square one with flamingoes on it) on a whim as it was on sale and i use all the products so regularly! It really suprised me how much i loved it.

  35. Pamela Rose veliz7

    I use my hourglass like 3 times a week is a great face palette

  36. MandaLeighLux

    I love my hourglass holiday one so much! I don't like the highlighter in it, but I've nearly panned the bronzer and both the ambient lighting powders, and have major dips in the blushes. I haven't used it that much lately as I don't want to run out (silly) but that might have been my favourite purchase last year, even with the 1/6 I don't use.

  37. Cristal Peña

    This look is everything!!!!! I’m obsessed.

  38. Lucky Mama

    Holiday NARS eyeshadow palette and the Gingerbread palette are some of my favorites. Use them all the time in cooler months.
    The Cranberry palette from ND immediately turned hard pan. Absolutely shit quality

  39. FeiFeiKara

    I tend to stay away from most holiday releases! Also, I adore your glasses. 👓 Where are they from if you don't mind me asking? 😀

  40. Vivian Nguyen

    Man I still regret not getting a mini pat McGrath palette ):

  41. Athena Caudill

    So I loved the older Becca holiday palettes, like the one from 2017. I still use it all the time, but then last year they did that Chrissy teagan stuff and I was like no! Where’s the good big palettes. Plus I don’t like her. But since like the first holiday I was really into makeup, I haven’t been into too faced or tarte’s huge holiday palettes. They’re not special

  42. Margo McGeough

    I bought Sultry only, and I still love it, and will probably use it again this coming holiday season, because it was a gorgeous palette, holiday or not. Everything else was meh for me. I absolutely still use Sultry on occasion.

  43. not advertiser friendly

    ⚠️semi-related tangent ahead⚠️when you talked about how Grinch-inspired makeup could have been such a good product, but what Pür Cosmetics actually put out was a disappointment, it reminded me of the Lisa Frank & Glamour Dolls failed collaboration because it was another makeup & pop culture collaboration that wound up being such a missed opportunity. another brand could have potentially really done something with that idea… or at the very least, not scammed over 5,900 people out of over $370,000 altogether.
    i didn't even donate to the kickstarter and i'm still a little salty over it haha.
    (probably not as salty as i probably sound here, everyone sounds angrier over text lol) if anyone's still reading this, thank you for reading the comment and putting up with my tangent/rant lol

  44. HaleyDaniellee

    please no one massacre me in the comments, but my aunt got me the KVD blush palette as a gift & i love using it , the highlights are really nice & i like to use it for blush draping

  45. Meredith Choate

    I use that stupid urban decay elements palette every single day. I have a pretty decent array of palettes, but the quality is so good, and you can do so many different looks and it just inspires me. I'd buy it again and again if I could.

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