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  1. instagram: ddopeshitt

    You’re incredibly insightful and it’s so refreshing. I love you lol

  2. Dragon Luvv

    Also pushing out releases like hot cakes means not as much thought is being put into them. Which could mean a lot of bad things, some that I noticed are same shadow or products with just different packaging and quality going down/ shit formulations. I love all these anti consumerism smart consumerism videos coming out, and I mean LOOOOOVE IT!

  3. Donna McManus

    I've only been watching the YouTube beauty community for about 2 yrs now & seem to have stumbled into a good bunch of creators. I enjoy mixed topic channels–reviews, grwm, likes/dislikes & commentary from people who can effectively communicate without it sounding like high school gossip. Agree with your assessments of this current state of the community.

  4. la high femme

    Girl yes! I bought the Jackie palette and I love it and to me it’s a still a new palette for me? I cannot even care about the five new palettes it’s too much!

  5. Bridget Dorian

    Very good thoughts 👍. I'm glad I went into beauty community later in my life and that gives me more critical thinking about what and how to buy. Also very small budget also helps a lot 😁.

  6. DeathBeforeDecaf

    ABH is too expensive to constantly puke out product at this rate. ABH, Colourpop just make me more and more less interested in makeup. And no offense but I find smaller influencers just as untrustworthy as the big. If you are just pushing product that you got for free, you are not real and you are just product pushers. Yeah not watching ya if you think your job is to "test makeup". I don't need to be sold crap. Nope, no more!!

  7. Shawne

    I can tell you right now, it’s 8AM, I’m 7 minutes in, and this is the BEST VIDEO I will watch all day! Lacie, you nailed it!

    Made it to the end: STANDING OVATION!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Petite Patate

    I don't agree with the fact that the brand's investment are as good as they were because the democrafic touched by the beauty community is bigger and bigger each year
    PS: this eyelook is amazing !

  9. Moomoo Reeves

    Lol I love you.

    I have a huge wishlist and plan to spend a ton of money on some products I've been researching for a while now. My spending has been up. Not down. And for a while, I felt guilty but, now, I no longer feel this way and I am happy with what I own. I have been told by the anti consumption YouTube again and again not to buy stuff and declutter declutter declutter and it has made me feel awful and filled me regret, but then I had to ask myself why should I? Most of what I've purchased have brought my much joy!!!
    I think brands have released a lot more interesting things now than they ever have and I love collecting the more interesting stuff. I bought all three abh norvina collection palettes. I've used them non stop since I've gotten them.
    I hope that the community doesn't change too much and that the actual beauty application content doesn't go away (I don't think it will). I love makeup too much. I love tutorials. I love this community. Since 2011.

    Anyway thanks for giving the space to share that.

  10. Moomoo Reeves

    People need to remind themselves that it's ok to say no.

  11. Commander Adama

    It's raining for you? Can I just say I'm high key jealous and I hate you right now lol. I'm in Cali and everyone's always going on and on about the sunshine and how it's amazing and makes them feel so happy and I feel like some kind of weather monster cuz I've always been the opposite lol. Give me some overcast, rainy, windy, thundery, foggy weather and let me curl up with a fire or a sweater and a good book or my favorite movies and tv shows and I'm so happy I'm probably grinning like a dork all day long. Whoever said a lack of sunshine causes depression clearly never met me cuz fall and winter are my JAM haha🤣

  12. tabatha82

    Say it louder for the people in the back: BRANDS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They are profit-making corporations and they don't care about your talent and aspirations. Up to a point I see how people stan influencers or celebrities but these giveaways and passive-agressive indie brand tactics are making people become uncritical stans of companies that won't give 2 shits if you go broke or drown in credit card debt.
    On the other hand… I feel for POC makeup enthusiasts, because they had to fight so hard for the (still subpar) representation they only recently got when it came to inclusive shades in complexion products, and colored pigments that actually show up on them. And now the rest of us say: "oh there's too much makeup we're fatigued stop releasing so much stuff", and I know that when the bubble fully pops the first ppl who will get screwed will be minorities.

  13. Shannanigans Has Arrived

    Loving 🥰 the pretty eye look. The spooky intro is so awesome. Finally sweater weather yay 😀! I agree with you they’re pushing out way too many products it’s ridiculous. It gets to the point when I only buy what I really want.

  14. Scotty Caplan


  15. Chris Barker

    The Beauty Community that you’re involved in is the community that should be on top. If we made good people, with good intentions, the famous ones (because we have that choice) the world would be a better place. Loved hearing your take one this. Always so insightful!

    ALSO, thank you SO much for putting my info in your description box! Means a lot. 💚🖤

  16. Julianna Creswell

    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face … ABH's tactic aimed at staying relevant is exactly what is resulting in fatigue that is making them not care anymore. Sheer idiocy.

  17. Pam Millie

    I have seen literally no marketing about "a new brand within ABH". I have some other insider reasons that coincides with what Norvina said in that tweet. I am broke. I can't afford all of the shit now. I couldn't afford it before, but I getting better now. The PR list searches are so fucking gross. I saw an article about overall sales being down. Some CEO said something like the cupboards must be full of makeup right now. That after people use some of it up, they'll be back. Part of that is true, but it was overall tone deaf. I have stopped hunting down LE releases. Like when Wet N Wild didn't sell their LE collections online and they X store exclusive. My town was usually skipped. USUALLY. So I would hunt for that crap. I would be so disappointed when I couldn't find the display. Foundation never suiting my skin tone. Getting my hopes up constantly, only to be let down. LE not being LE. The constant push. I am full tired. If I had the money, there are plenty of things I would buy. It's would still be a lot less than it used to be. Right now I have this jaded feeling towards sales and emails. I instantly feel like, "You want me to have it? Send it then. Send it for free on your dime. Otherwise you don't want me to have it. Now is not the time."

    I hate when stores constantly change how they are arranged. Let me find the fucking ketchup and eye drops.


    I totally agree with all you said. The thing is that a lot of youtubers star like you, calling a thing a thing. But somehow Morphe and Jeffrey Star enter the picture ( just to mention 2 of the top of my head), offer you guys a ton of money, and then you guys become biased as hell. Not that you're doing that, it is just my observation on this type of pattern.
    Thank you for letting me share on your channel.💚

  19. louillemakeup

    I so agree with you! thank you for saying loudly what I think of the beauty community! 😘

  20. Salyx Woodbine

    YES! PR searches (contests) are 100% BULLSHIT. I keep seeing the teeny tiny indie companies do them, and even if I love the brand I REFUSE to be part of it. If they want to send me PR because they think I am a good person to handle it, they will. If not, they won't. Making it a contest so you can work for them for free makeup is garbage.
    Good video, rant on!


    Oh! I love your overall look! First time watching.

  22. Stephanie Salls

    First brand that contacted me was a "charity" brand that was a scam, and that really pissed me off. It's hard to try to have an honest opinion on the YouTube community anymore…

  23. Kimberley

    Perhaps a tarot-torial? 😀 Half joking. Buuuut I'd love to know your fave horror movies !

  24. Mai T Ly

    A huge contributing factor is frankly the current and continued white privilege, racism, and colorism that still occurs in the beauty community. It’s unfortunate that people who are often at the top or popular have known and continued racist behaviors while POC have to work much harder to be respected and represented.

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