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  1. Shayla Sciatha

    Just ingest a tapeworm like the Victorian’s

  2. Blue Jar

    OMAD, which is here on Youtube.( 8:16 is good, too.) You don't have to join a plan or buy a book, and you see results quickly.

  3. A Simple but imaginative man

    METH: lost about 18lbs in fat, 1/2 lbs of brain muscle and a 30-40 hour week job.

  4. Jo N

    Slim fast and eating fish

  5. ellliot g

    tryna recover from my disordered eating.
    i'm not anorexic, or bulimic, but i have a lot of disordered tendancies. fasting, binging, purging.
    hoping that fixing my diet like this whilst still losing weight in a significantly healthier way will help me and my body dysmorphia.
    also, catch my stress and boredom eating lol

  6. Itzz_Marcel l XGSK

    You fuc**ng sell your button on Ebay

  7. D K

    Get an eating disorder

  8. Den’s Videos

    Starving 🙂

    I cut calories really hard for like two weeks and lost 18 pounds. I’d eat breakfast and dinner for dessert coffee and possibly one cookie. I wouldn’t get seconds or anything like that just one meal per setting. Another time I lost 5 pounds in 7 days..

  9. afootineachworld

    I’m not fat, or even thick but like my stomach sticks out and it irks me.

  10. Piggy Piano

    I was pretty skinny at first, but when I got the flu I lost 5lbs in a week.

  11. I'm 18

    water and steam room after a workout

  12. RPHXX

    This video is actually a ad for myfitnesspal

  13. Papa Smurf

    It's always been a caloric deficit and it always will

  14. em1o smurf

    got a bad infection in my left arm, became sepsis. had grandson drive me to ER, spent my day there. nearly killed me, put on antibiotics, and that stuff gives you the cr&p screams. lost 18 pounds in one week. now never felt better in my life. no wonder those pyramid scheme weightloss diets work so well. 5:20 if your SO gives you a massive orgasm at the start of your period, it may last only 2 or so days. experience. was Hep-C cure human lab rat. 38 weeks of drugs, 166 to 124 lbs, 5' 11" to 5' 8". my wife was watching me die. don't recommend it. btw, it worked.

  15. Tim Powers

    This message brought to you by my fitness pal. Congrats to those who lost the weight, but see how long it stays off. If you’re in the mindset of cico, think about it, for it to actually work long term you have to cut calories constantly, not just at first. Most weight issues are hormonal, which cico can’t fix. Sugar is the number one enemy, but it really doesn’t have that many calories. Explain that.

  16. WontonSauce

    I think this is an ad for MyFitnessPal…

  17. Digital Reid

    Amazed it wasn't ever brought up, but if you're trying to loose weight and aren't losing (or are even gaining more), you might want to get checked to see if you have a hypothyroidism. One of the things your thyroid does is control your metabolism, and if you're doing everything right and nothing's happening, your metabolism might not be doing its job. It's not an uncommon problem in women, and as soon as i started taking meds for it and continuing my regular lifestyle, i lost 10 pounds within the first couple weeks.

  18. valeria262

    Did keto for like two – three months, not even well. Didn’t count nothing and had more cheat days than I should of, just stuck to meats and cut out sugar in everything I drank as well as bread or anything with carbs. Lost like 40 pounds. Not doing keto anymore but still cut out sugared drinks and have managed to keep the weight off

  19. Google Is A Cruel Mistress

    I once knew a chuby guy who ate some gass station sushi and shat for 2 says straight, then when he came back a week latter he was skinny, so gass station sushi I guess… you know assuming that you survive

  20. Ivy K

    I see people going to Macdonald's everytime I see them but complain about wait and their skin

  21. Hobo_Shuruken


  22. Wubberson 44

    I find that Krockodil works fastest

  23. Rayzorbladez

    If a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, then why can't you out train a bad diet?


    Meth heads tend to be real skinny.

  25. RoCo Films


  26. Reddit Story Topper

    Pro tip: go to a jungle and live in a primitive way

  27. K August

    Living in Japan.

    Seriously, I lost a ton of weight living on their diet and portion sizes.


  28. Fat Boi Donut Royale

    If i have to go to McDonald's, snack wraps every.single.time

  29. Codytuber

    Pro tip: Just lose weight…

  30. jacqueline Murphy

    As much as it was terrible and made me feel awful I lost 40 pounds from being poor and malnourished. I always joke that it was the 5 p’s diet because basically all I ate for years was potatoes, pasta, homemade pizza, pop, and pot/lots of cigarettes. Nothing I’ve done before or after has helped me lose weight the way that did.

  31. Bea Creates

    This is gonna sound really dumb to a lot of people. But I basically only eat out. Basically most places you go to eat out you can usually get like 2-3 meals out of one meal as a result I don't have very much food in my apartment. As a result I don't snack as much. And boom weight loss. And also im much happier because it meams if I want to eat, I need to leave the apartment.

  32. Squeguin Quack

    Never lost weight, but…

  33. Squidward's Clarinet

    Don't eat food

  34. rochelle thundercloud

    As someone who was severely morbidly obese, what helped me was getting off certain medications,walking,and due to gallbladder disease,having to change my diet. I ,over 8 years,went from a size 28 to a size 12,and kept the weight off. A handy tip.drink a large cup of water when you think youre hungry.also.use smaller plates.
    Dining out? Take half your meal home.

  35. Kirk Morrison

    Light exercise, cut out soda, and eating off a smaller plate. I went from a 12 inch plate to a 10 and later an 8 inch. I park a few extra steps. I have gone from 405lbs to 245 still working on losing more. I drink coffee, tea and water. Moderation is the key. If I want an alcoholic drink bread goes out for a day.

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