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  1. Sterling Ellis

    Time Stamps on video please.
    Did not care to watch full video, not to mention watch you reading off of a script like a robot.
    Extremely unauthentic.

  2. Kayleigh Dreste

    Can't I just slap an orange on my face in the morning?

  3. Mollie Schonberger

    10:30 ascorbic acid being the "best" is subjective. It is the pure form of vitamin C, and as you have pointed out, is highly unstable. There are tons of different vitamin C derivatives that can be good for different people for different reasons. I love Gothamista here on youtube, I'll link her video about vitamin C Derivatives because it really helped me:

  4. Jenny Block

    I think Jen needs to tone it down a bit. She’s way too loud and animated and almost yelling at times in this video. Just take a breath girlfriend

  5. Michelle Smith

    It really ticks me off when fragrance and/or skin sensitizers because my skin cannot deal, which means that I can't use any of them. There's no use for these but for label appeal. I think that is heavily directed at younger people who I think that given the chance, these younger people would be digging the heck out of the fluff-free, just like the rest of us.

  6. SmasheyAshee

    Could you look into Caudalie and their serums/products please? Its promoted as "clean" on Sephora but I doubt their knowledge is as good as yours 🤗

  7. IlovePierceTheVeil16

    Just a clarification, the fourth ray beauty face milks are $10 for the 0.5oz and $14 for the full ounce
    Hope that helps!

  8. Hagar Alsaeidi

    Maybe vitamin C products should be super small. Like a 3 month supply. That would help with the longevity of the vitamin

  9. Jen M

    Hi!! LOVE me some skincare videos- or learning atleast. Does anyone possibly know of a more affordable version of that Triple Algae anipollution products? May or may not do exactly whats its geared towards, but I would love something with all those nutrients for my skin. Thankyou!!

  10. clarise jackson

    Note to self don’t buy forth ray beauty

  11. Violet Grass

    When vitamin C comes in a clear packaging, cover the bottle with aluminum foil to reduce sunlight exposure.

  12. Tamra Smith

    I have tried several sleep masks from K Beauty brands. They all have a slimy or as they say, “jelly”, texture. Of all of them the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask absorbs the fastest. I actually LOVE it! Some of the others, like the Belief one, are really cringy. The Glow Recipe Avocado Sleep Mask (haven’t tried the retinol one) is even more slimy and smells awful. I received a sample of the Avocado Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask. I love that one. Still slimy, but no smell. I use such a tiny amount under my eyes that the texture just feels cooling and nice, and the sample will probably last months.

  13. Christi Moisant

    I've really enjoyed the Fourth Ray Watermelon Milk. I alternate it with my CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum, Pharmacy Honeymoon Serum, Revolution Skincare Lactic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid and the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow. I finally feel like I've found a good mix to use (Depending on my skin condition and to combine with other treatments. If I do a physical exfoliant or a mask, I will use one of the more gentle serums and save The Honeymoon Serum and the Lactic Acid for other alternating evenings. The CeraVe works great under my makeup)

  14. Kathleen Coomans

    I would love to see a video like this about high end products and what they contain, peptides, etc etc etc……

  15. Gretchen Hanna

    I felt the same way about the watermelon mask I got in my Ipsy bag. Slimy! Love those colors on you—face & clothes.

  16. term cee

    I love the glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask. it works very well for me!!

  17. Bella Bunny Bath and Body

    Those oils are not bad for your skin at all.. especially if it's at the bottom after the preservative. Preservatives can only be used at 1 to 2%.. the oils are something to put on the bottle.. plus they also help with making the product last a bit longer and not to oxidize

  18. Taylor R.S

    When I went hiking in Nevada and Utah this summer I was trying to save on baggage fees and packed in a backpack. The only skincare I took was the Matcha milk serum and my Neutrogena spf 50 daily moisturizer and they were great. My skin felt hydrated even in the desert.

  19. Mariel Quinonez

    Paula's Choice is such an underrated skincare brand. Their products are so good and legit. They comprised more than half of my skincare arsenal. And they always have promotions going on in their website (their customer service is outstanding).
    In regards to the glow recipe mask, it did absolutely nothing for me. If anything, it made my skin feel dry after application (I have normal to dry skin).

  20. Alma N

    Thank you for being transparent about being an enthusiast and not a professional. I have watched youtubers who rarely or never have disclaimers like this, which makes it hard to know what education they have within the field. I still love your reviews, but honesty is so important. Thank you 🧡

  21. Salazarinterpreting Services

    Colourpop has skincare?!?

  22. Farmacy Beauty

    We're SO glad that you've been loving Very Cherry Bright! We also just wanted to share that our chemists formulated this serum so that it remains stable on it's own, but we added in the airless pump and tinted plastic as a precaution! Even if this is left out, you should be able to enjoy it to the last drop! 💕

  23. Lexylex !

    This was great!! I love these ingredient focused videos. I learn so much and save a lot of money. Could you include the best lip masks in your next video??? That's never been done and with the temperature dropping it would be VERY beneficial!

  24. Cynthia Valdez


  25. Amanda Cole

    Thwt glow recipe watermelon sleep mask needs to be mixed every time you use it. The texture is a lot less yucky if you take a minute before applying it and shake the jar up

  26. Lisa

    I know it’s a pain in the ass, but keeping the vitamin c serum in the fridge makes it last SOOOO much longer. I’ve had my bottle for 6 months and it’s still almost clear.

  27. Danielle Wert

    I thought the good molecules cleansing balm smelled like pee. Works pretty good though. Smells awful.

  28. Ruby Starr

    The Face Milk prices are updated to $14 now that they have them in 1oz packaging rather than the prior 1/2 oz ($10).

  29. Kelly Stelzer

    Jar packinging is first rule to never buy. Fragrence is also a no go.

  30. Geanine Petrucci

    Hi, do you know anything about Mad Hippy skin care? Btw your videos are great!

  31. Cindy P

    JEN… PLS TRY THE DR LILI FAN LINE. It's patented, clean, new and works like nothing I've ever tried. @drlilifan or http://www.drlilifan.com

  32. Monica Hammond

    Jen! I had no idea you are from SS, MD! I grew up right down the road from you!!!! omg…….so cool. I currently reside in Louisiana but next time I'm home visiting my family let's hang out. I want to be your friend! LOL 🙂 Go Skins!

  33. TheNarcoticMonkey

    Try Merumaya cleansing balm, Jen! It's one of my favourite (Yes, I'm British) cleansing balms. (Also, one of my favourite British brands – they do ship worldwide.) Enjoy! 🙂

  34. akay

    Please do a review of Mad Hippie products!!

  35. Jamie McCoy

    I'm 42 years old and I use the Paula's choice vitamin C. Mine has not turned orange. I use it every evening and it has vanished my dark spots on my face and even on my hands. They always offer 20% off all the time.

  36. Ann Niethamer

    Best vitamin c I like is derma e. Sealed pump and it fixed my hyperpigmentation and gives my skin a great glow ❤️❤️

  37. E. Garceau

    Loved this Jen!!! Thank you! 😊

  38. TheLadyPsyche

    There are A LOT of skin care products I can't use because they have the worst ingredients ever that include FRAGRANCE! I break out immediately if I use them! 🙄I looovveee skin care and can't use 90% of it

  39. J Soto

    I have a request could you put up the name of the product again at the end of the review of the item? I like how you do it before but it would be nice to put it one more time after you talk about it. ❤️

  40. Cathy Nichols

    Boots No. 7 Love it! I'm 60, and it has actually changed my skin. It took some time, a couple of months. The lines, under eye bags & darkness, have diminished significantly. Need I say more? Nope. 🌙⭐

  41. Purple Water Lily

    My favorite Paula’s Choice product is called the super antioxidant concentrate serum with retinol (for dry to very dry skin). This stuff is not thin and watery like some of those serums you showed. It’s very thick and really works for my very dry, flaky skin.

  42. Eva Scott

    Very thorough. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to try Paula’s choice for a while. I may get that eye cream to try.

  43. Amanda Lea Hicks

    When she spoke about spearmint I nearly started itching. I have an allergic reaction to it, and it's family member peppermint. It makes me want to cry when I read what is in many products that works great for most of my friends, and family. My family, and close friends know to look for certain ingredients but not all. It has come to the point that I receive gift cards just so I can buy safe products. I never realized how crazy it could be until I was an adult, and bought adult products. For a matter of fact I never realized how hard it was for my mother to buy me any personal hygiene products until I moved out on my own. I would call her from the store asking her what I could get. I have to be careful in lip pumping lip sticks because many use peppermint in it. I love how much she goes in depth about the products. It gets hard trying to find what does not break me out, and/ or send me to the emergency room. Please keep on making videos like this one.

  44. Shawna Johnson

    I LOVE a beautifully fragranced product, particularly rosewater and geranium. I don't have sensitive skin, and have never had an issue. Scent is a big factor when I'm buying products and I love upscale lines like Darphin and Lancome skincare and their sophisticated fragrances. I feel like skincare would be incredibly boring without any fragrance and I'm quite turned off by fragrance free products, so while I Do think brands should offer unscented products I would hate to see them stop using any scents altogether.

  45. Jovana Kocić

    Love that "Why i'm mad" title with the biggest grin in the thumbnail <3 😂

  46. Danielle Swafford

    Anyone know of a good exfoliator for lips? When I have dry lips, I want to exfoliate before applying a good lip moisturizer. Is just sugar and a little coconut oil okay?

  47. MiNa ChAn

    Love the watermelon sleep mask, feels AMAZING on my skin as it absorbs and doesn't just sit on my skin in a slimy way

  48. SarahJessup

    The french fries of skincare 😂

  49. Aria Clements

    The idea of "double-cleansing" is bizarre. If you have to wash your face because the stuff you put on to wash your face didn't wash your face, why not skip that product?

    I can put Vaseline on my face and not wash it off and be fine. Overwashing your skin makes it produce more oil. So I don't overwash, though I used to, and my face was an oil-slick. Want to stop being so greasy? Seriously try laying off washing so many times a day and accept feeling ick for a few weeks. I thought it was bogus, but was desperate enough to not hav the Balkans on my face that I tried it. Damn. Same thing for hair.

  50. Shirley

    Ya had me dying with your descriptiveness lol 😂 thicker than spit & the fries of skincare lol made my day!! Love ya!!

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