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  1. Sam Dane

    OMG I just got it…. thoughty2 is pronounced as 42, the answer to everything…. that is so smart haha

  2. Danilego

    I believe the positive result YouTube got is thanks to channels like yours! Never would Instagram or Facebook allow for such great content creators like VSauce, Veritasium, Kurzgesagt and Thoughty2!

  3. Travieso78702

    Thoughty2. I really love your videos. Health is more important than beauty standards! If you're healthy, so will radiate beauty! 👍

  4. Cute Kinky Cup Creations

    Symmetry is actually beautiful. But we need to accept asymmetric faces, because some people just can’t fix it. If you’re reading this comment, you’re beautiful.

  5. blacksunprison13

    You always have the sneakiest Skillshare promotions.

  6. Something You Said

    If all of us were blind none of us would be ugly.

  7. Cedric Beachy

    I believe you are misrepresenting the Japanese sense of beauty.

  8. Bill Roasts

    Oh please, Thoughty2, stop supporting Skillshare. That website sucks.

  9. Caesar

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder

  10. RNG

    keep telling yourself that bud 😉

  11. The Intellectual

    Sucks that you’re gross looking. Can’t relate

  12. The Intellectual

    Beauty is in the eye of………. MAH BAWLLS. MAKE ALLLLLL DEEEZ FEMALES CRAWL !!

  13. Curious Miner

    Drones:"I'm about to end this man's whole career"

  14. Uncle Joe

    Wabi-sabi: the latest trend obsessed and gushed over by the wishy-washy.

  15. Selin Naz Sur

    Rewatching this after H3H3's Instagram vs. Reality video. Don't worry guys, turns out we're all equally ugly as fuck.

  16. Davie The Lion

    Well this video aged well

  17. PSPKriz

    The beautiful people heve trouble with mental health ? Who could hev known. If you base your sefl esteem in your looks rather than in your competence no wander whay you are fucked up in the head when you see a crack in your perfect mask of a face.

  18. silvercris05

    This video explains a lot
    Thank you

  19. J Hales

    Beauty is subjective. It is not a " scam " you daft twat. This idea that we are being brainwashed by the media is such a lame cop out. I find exotic and quirky features extremely attractive. Gtfo lol.

  20. Joaquin Rodriguez

    4:25 I thought this was the end of the video. I had to check how much time was left in the video just to make sure.

  21. András Agócs

    "kind of like natural eugenics" –> so not eugenics.

  22. Alex Arias

    I don't agree with this one, beauty is NOT a scam

  23. John Neanda

    very good, so infotave

  24. Vali Zeth

    To answer the thumb nail.. no.

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