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  1. AEMZ mom

    ✲゚Ƭʜᵃℕҡ ყօϋ

  2. Saiful The Traveler

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  3. The Frontier Family

    People want a special diet or fad to follow because they don't want to face the fact that losing weight means depriving yourself. It's not fun, it's not exciting, but it's the solution. Exercise more than you eat, simple. It's all about self control, which is why no one wants to admit that's the answer, it's doesn't make money. You can't sell self control and common sense.

  4. op panda

    Make America sexy again


    Fat calories are stored more efficiently than carbohydrate (de novo lipogenesis)

  6. KETOmania

    I was literally looking up a video like this two days ago ! Thank you! Totally makes sense now !!! Im always like why the heck don’t I lose weight ! I’m moving more but I wasn’t calorie counting

  7. Jolanta Lythgoe

    Do keto you will lose weight, reverse diabetes, get healthy. Count calories – doesnt work for most people. Makes them miserable and guilty feeling. You choose. Gillian is losing loads of money now that people start doing keto or intermittent fasting. She’ll never admit her ways are inefficient for most people.

  8. DandifiedPie 2

    False, been doing keto/carnivore for a few months… no calorie counting and I’m shreddddddddeeeeed

  9. Scrolling Thru

    Ive been on keto for a few months now and shes right. Mood, ph, i need fruit maaaaaan my body is screaming for variety… Im coming off keto starting next week…

  10. John Jones

    Wow, thank you for explaining this. Keto wasnt for me. Calorie deficit info made sense.

  11. Kathy Moore

    Insulin makes you store fat….do not raise your insulin…do this by fasting and having an eating window…therefore body burns fat when no food is being consumed for a period of time….sorry Jillian have used your methods over the years and still fat….fasting and it’s melting away…..

  12. Claire Laskey

    I tried keto. It made my Hashimoto Hypothyroidism even worse. Lost a ton of hair too. It was not cyclical. Thank you for being real and not for keto.

  13. JL

    If you eat a lot of vegetables 1200 calories is not that hard. I’ve been sticking to about 1000 a day for the last month and seeing results. And I’m never hungry.

  14. Lethel Timberlake

    Thanks for this. This is very helpful.

  15. Shonda Brown

    You look gorgeous

  16. T Mo

    “How to ruin your metabolism” – Jillian Michaels

  17. charales de Cali fornia

    Fkn crazy I have alot of energy stored. Im studying Dragon Ball Z so 1 day i will release all that energy in gigantic hamahaaamehaaa. Yup best short cut ever 😀 i cant count

  18. Rick Nash

    We love you Jillian! ..
    Fat is stored energy. More energy in than burned equals stored excess. .. the law of thermodynamics.
    "It doesn't work" BMR is base metabolic rate of doing nothing. Level 1 = sedentary 2=on feet 3=trainer 4=construction worker
    Pound of fat is 3500 calories.
    Consuming 1400 calories per day. Only burning 300 calories per day.
    Got to get the calories burned faster. Jillian says it can only be done by exercise. By exercise and diet is 700 calories per day.
    KETO creates a carbohydrate deficit and burns fat but it has side effects.
    Claims acidotic, too much iron, bad for telomeres, .. creates a host of other issues.

  19. Jeffrey Wolf


  20. Lindsay Stoican

    I'm sorry but counting calories never worked for me. I do the Atkins diet and that actually works for me not keto. I am naturally heavy and you telling everyone that low carb is a waste of time is wrong. I actually lost 80 pounds on Atkins and have kept most of it off. And you still have to watch your caloric intake on the Atkins diet so please stop misinforming people about Atkins and keto because you obviously don't understand how they work. understand

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