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  1. 박갑윤

    Impose heavy tax on plastic surgeon for their works.

  2. 18890426

    "They wanna be white" LMAO!!! Some comments here are really funny!!
    In term of double eyelids, not only whites but also blacks, hispanics, middle esterns, indians, south east asians, almost all other races have them!
    And why then do whites do plastic surgeries on their bulk, hooked noses to make them smaller? Or getting more tanned or lip surgeries?
    The bone structure of the face between East Asians and Europeans(or Caucasians) are very different. Whites facial structures CAN NOT look like flatter shaped(like Anime Characters or "neotenous" look) like East Asians.

  3. 메이플베이컨

    Is that doctor cursing himself?

  4. YYTwice

    Ok so the girls want to look like boys and these kpop dudes looking like some females

  5. deity 93

    Its human nature. Simple. We make ourselves more attractive to attract sexual partners to propagate our species.

  6. Ben

    The west is the best

  7. Queens Little Corner

    Escape the corsets? Sounds like lesbianism 101.

  8. Taylor J

    I can see some people who think long hair is for women and short hair is for men. Are they really living in the 21st century? If I have short hair and don't wear make up, am I less feminine? Who decided make up and long hair is feminine?

  9. 손자영

    All men must shut up

  10. siren

    SO many men missed the whole point of this video but am I surprised? Not really.

  11. Bryan C

    So the answer to this problem is lesbianism

  12. H I

    That Korean plastic surgeon man doesn’t understand the point of problem. He says Westerns also worship beauty like they love Kardashian, but he should shut his mouth with his non-beauty pursuing bear face. Only women are the ones who wear makeup and forced to follow the common beauty standard. So shut up men.

  13. ᄋᄉᄋ

    맭랔뮁 양낢들 개많네 진짜

  14. 연남동순살자킨

    12:02 shut up

  15. 바베큐폭립

    9:43 She looks like a doll. So terrible.

  16. Shinny Pinneaple

    I'm so proud of these women. Keep fighting sisters!!! ✊💜

  17. Prim Novendra

    Bro what has this world become?

  18. PandaHeroGumi

    I love them, they are so brave. Keep fighting!

  19. World Citizen

    See the problem with feminist movement is that there is this hate of men.

    Most men all around the World will support all women in not doing plastic surgery.

  20. World Citizen

    Feminist will get all male support for this. This is about accepting oneself. The clothing and hair are separate issues. The plastic surgery is out of hand and makes women absolutely empty with lack of personality and depth.

    Just know, men are supportive of this non plastic surgery.

    Radical feminist are mentally sick. It’s true. Short hair is not liked generally, not feminine.

  21. World Citizen

    This is the craziest and least talked about subjects in the World’

  22. 김수지

    외모 강조하는 거 여자를 상품화 하는 거 맞지요. 여성의 인권을 찾을 수 있도록 응원합니다

  23. Lotus Song

    Interesting… Personally, I have mixed feelings about this video. As a Korean-American woman, I do love Korean skincare, listen to some K-pop, and enjoy Korean food. However, I’m also a feminist who wears makeup and likes to look pretty for myself (not for men/others). In my mind, feminism is about gender equality, not about hating men or looking less “feminine”.

  24. B.J. Martin

    I thought makeup was stupid and surgery has to be crazy stupid.

  25. Destiny tran

    South Korean is way beyond obsessed with beauty. Beauty is matter, but too obsessed with it is crazy!

  26. Zafer Ozkan

    5:59 tbh I think she looks better and more natural without make up.

  27. Larry E

    Anybody notice her short arms? I think she has some form of dwarfism.

  28. The Camel

    short girl is pretty though.

  29. The Camel

    who cares what they think of your eyes. U have some low-self esteem

  30. Royal Digital Media

    Why do 'feminists' dress masculine? Is masculinity better?

  31. Lycan23beast

    Nice look more beautiful that's good what's wrong ?

  32. Oli

    It seems like some radical distorted a truth of feminism
    I don't mind normal feminist who doesn't pervert the meaning but twisted? well.. IDK

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