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  1. spoiledsandi

    I’m thinking about the Tati pallet but I don’t see any WOC using it so I don’t know how it’ll look on me

  2. Marcie Sechrest

    FYI I subscribed and I hit the bell. I’m going to push your videos with some other channels I watch. I don’t have the confidence do create content bc I’m crying throwing myself pity parties 90% of the time. Pathetic I know. One thing that does make me feel great is seeing others succeed in what I want to do but don’t have the courage to.

  3. Marcie Sechrest

    Hi you just came across my page. I love beauty reviews. I am very interested in everything that you are doing. I was laid off over a year ago and haven’t found work yet. I apply EVERYDAY. I’m always told I’m over qualified it’s emotionally exhausting.

  4. Trawpical Chica

    honestly, I am watching the new Shane Dawson series but to me it's not as interesting this time, so far it feels like it's sort of just a big promo for the makeup launch bc they keep saying they are showing the behind the scenes and I know they have exposed some "secrets" but really they haven't shown very much behind the scenes things at all and the secrets aren't really anything that isn't well known, they just said it out loud.. but I'm waiting for it to get good bc I still feel like it will. I do think the merch was super cute but not anything I would get.. I loooooooove tati's palette, I definitely want that.. I kind of want to wait to see the future color stories bc I love the different effects and the premise but not all the shades are very me.. I probably wouldn't use the black or the more orange one so I just want to see if what else she does before I buy bc I have this feeling that she will release kind of seasonally and there will be one with all pinks and purples that I will love more.. I just feel like she has to do one in those colors bc I feel like it's so her… I can't decide haha

  5. CA_Gizelle

    Im not buying the JS/SD palette, theres just so much…..baggage from those two that I can't justify spending my money on personally.

  6. Nessa Lane

    Physicians Formula I love their 3 in 1 – lash booster liquid eye liner. It’s my all time fave. Tip Store it upside down like you would a marker so all the liquid is at the tip. It lasts so much longer that way.

  7. Kayla Eden

    I wasn’t really planning on getting Tati’s pallet… until I saw the swatches 😍 So then I ordered it on launch day haha. Now I’m waiting for the final reveal of the Jeffree x Shane collection to see if I’m going to try to get any of it. Tati’s will definitely be wearable and depending on the final color stories of the Shane pallets I might not actually get much wear out of them so we’ll see.

  8. Kana Michelle

    I will definitely buy Tati’s palette. It looks so blendable and pigmented. I love the many ways you can wear it, also. I probably won’t use the super glittery shades much because I rarely go anywhere glam. I live in a farming community, and we don’t do glam much here, but the less dramatic shimmers will be nice used sparingly. I am 66 and my skincare consists of washing my face with Noxema (original) in the shower and Oil of Olay fluid for moisturizer. That’s it. I call it Oil of Delay.😂I have been using both products since I was a teen. It seems to work, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  9. tammy c

    already got the Tati palette, also plan to get the Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson palette. I am loving the series

  10. Debbie7351

    I love Tati, but I don't use neutrals. I am hopeful a future volume will have purple, pink, teal, blue, green. I have never ordered Jeffree Star, but I definitely plan to buy the one with Shane. I will probably get the mini palette as it looks more colorful.

  11. Mur Young

    I ordered Tati's textured neutrals palette. They look so beautiful! When Shane's line comes out with Jeffree, I will check it out and decide if I want it (I probably do..especially the mini and liquid lip).

  12. Trish Roscoe

    I can't wait to see you try tati's pallette. I haven't seen anyone with deeper skin review it.

  13. Grace J Mock

    I was able to get Tati's palette on launch day, so excited! As far as physician's formula products, their highlighters are awesome, so buttery soft and the payoff is insane. Except the white one, the pink, rose gold and gold one rival high end highlighters like becca and so forth.

  14. M Machcinski

    I got tatis palette yesterday and I’m super excited. The Jeffree Star shadow formula is soooo good. If you love color you’ll love his stuff.

  15. Christine Nelson

    Love Tati and you getting her pallet 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  16. Ancutza Cozma

    Definitely Jeffrey and Shane's palette!!! Can't wait to see it!

  17. Michelle Garrido

    I was able to order Tati's palette yesterday. I love Shane but based on the colors they've shown, I don't think it would work for me. I'm just basic so I'm scared to try colors so bright. 😁 Tati's colors are more my vibe, especially for everyday looks.

  18. ma8893

    Brand new to your channel- adore your honesty. I am a new fan. Yes, I purchased the Tati palette the minute it went on sale.

  19. Tiara Stark

    Dress warm in Colorado. We are getting snow again this weekend!!
    I am so excited for shane x jefferee. But i bought Tati’s palette! I’m so excited

  20. Tanya Spencer-Ashby

    I bought Tati's palette yesterday about three mins after launch 💜😊 I'm in the UK so not sure how long it will take to arrive. I love her and trust her and just know it will be phenomenal quality.

  21. Diana Marciniak

    I had two alarms set up for Tati’s pallet lol. I’m so excited for it seeing as a busy mom those colors are easy to wear. I love that she added the different textures. It’s allows you to play up the look easily. You look amazing with the eye look you’ve got going on!

  22. Rachel Robertson

    Unpopular opinion- picking up for the Shane/Jeffree palette and passing on the Tati one because I've been wanting to try Jeffree stars formula but havent ever been one to wear bright colors. But Shane's palette looks very approachable but also fun. Also the series is great/inspiring/everything and you should watch it if you have time.

    As for Tati's palette- I love her. She the first beauty YouTuber I started watching. But, with three of the four rows on the palette being shimmer/glitter and only one matte… I dk I'm on the fence about it. I might pick it up down the road but that's my two cents 🤷

  23. MrBubblygoodness

    Honestly, I love Shane, way more than Tati, but I never wear blue or green on my eyes. Like never! Tati, however, came out with something that, although, is a neutral palette. It’s honestly the most wearable, most glam thing I’ve never seen. I don’t want to buy it, but I’m so tempted.

  24. hapacalgirl

    Im definitely getting Tati's palette , maybe not this first sale of the palette but definitely after it is restocked if it sells out. I will be working a lot and neutrals are more work friendly for my profession and my style these days. I love color but probably won't be doing colorful looks that often for the forseeable future so I will probably pass on the Shane palette right now since I have a lot of color shadows that I still need to get through. Regarding skincare, certain products that work marvelously can come at decent pricepoints, some products are better to shell out the extra money. I would say for things like vitamin C it is definitely better to shell out the money because it is very unstable and the pricier products like Drunk Elephant invested a lot of research into the stability of the Vitamin C in their products. Other things like toners, etc you can get solid products at lower pricepoints. One of my favorite is Beauty Water by Son & Park ( I love k-beauty) and it is only ~$25 and lasts awhile and is just amazing for my skin.

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