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  1. Nadia

    Let her live.. cancel culture is so messy

  2. Mumtaas Mohamud

    What’s the name of eye drop she is using?

  3. Justyne Santos

    2:37 when she was smiling, she kind of looked like beyonce.💗🔥

  4. Dyshante B

    I love her!!!

  5. Paris

    pleaseeee naomi campbell

  6. Chris S

    Really Vogue? you should know better.

  7. Misha

    She’s the worst model ever. Her career is based on pity 🥴🥴🥴

  8. Misha


  9. Zerella T

    Omg its a talking cow!

  10. Tim Smith

    Don't find her attractive. I think she's just a novelty

  11. Deedi

    The metal fork…. gurl 😭

  12. Aaliyah Mayorga


  13. Thalita Palhares

    She is so pretty and elegant. I could watch this all day

  14. Selene Sullca

    chicos deen like en Instagram en el @limateens : en la foto de candidata Julia Selene 😃

  15. Csilla Lintner

    Sorry but you are very ugly

  16. Mac con

    She's average if not for her condition

  17. Noraine N.

    Nobody’s commenting about the actual video? Ok, I will. She’s done her makeup flawlessly 😍.

  18. Khulan Bat-erdene

    Still ugly on the inside. Uhhhh disgusting attitude 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  19. matheus bts brasil

    I think winnie harlow is so beautiful and beautiful

  20. emily blunt

    why does everyone seem to have a problem with her lol what did she do to yall

  21. Gabriel Martins


  22. 리라

    People im lost, why is everyone hating on her??

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