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  1. Amy Vo

    Fave thing about winter is wearing my doggy pajamas and not breaking a sweat!!

  2. Rebecca Belo

    my favorite thing about winter is being able to wear sweats but still be chic and also just staying inside.. I love being nice and cozy!

  3. Liz Sepulveda

    Favorite thing about winter: comfy clothes- sweaters, coats and hot chocolate.

  4. Aero Pena

    MY FAVE THING ABOUT WINTER IS ordering in, then later making hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch in sweats with my hubby! Its honestly best with no makeup so then I wont have to worry about taking it off once I get tired. So just tons of serums, Hot cocoa & Netflix!! 🥰 #AllINeedInWinter

  5. Stromz

    Isn’t that ekos deodorant Brazilian and for your feet? I might be wrong

  6. Carolina Hernandez

    Favorite Thing About Winter: Coming home from college and spending the holidays with my family !! 🙂

  7. Bama Girl

    My favorite thing about winter is #1. The snow. I live in the Appalachian mountains & it's so beautiful! #2. Sweater, hoodies & cozy blankets. #3. The makeup looks! I love the cool tones of winter & I love recreating those colors in my makeup. AND lastly the scents!! I love Fall/Winter scents in candles! ❤️🌨️

  8. Madeleine Boyle

    hot cocoa

  9. Camille Fournelle

    Fav thing living in Winter Wonderland (Canada): Chunky sweather and indulging in tea and coffee and using the "it's cold out, I need to get warm" excuse to abuse those beverages.

  10. superbearbots

    Hot drinks and playing in the snow with a toddler!

  11. Aparna Bhattacharya

    Fav thing about winter: nyc lights and holiday displays in store fronts..

  12. Eleanor Hoodless

    So many favorite things about winter! Oversized sweaters, blanket scarves, hot cocoa on a regular basis and actually getting use out of my fireplace! 😍❤️❄️

    Side note… while typing this I realized that this is the emoji that pops up when you type “winter” >> 🥶…… 😂 wth

  13. Hollie Zimmerman

    I just loooove the cold!! ❄️

  14. KaitlynnM56

    I like being able to be all cozy and cuddling when it’s finally winter cold

  15. Caylee

    My favorite this about winter is the snow. Something about standing in it while it’s falling down. At night. With just the sounds of the city around you. My fave.

  16. J Lee

    fave thing about winter: cozy sweaters, fireplaces, yummy winter candle scents, and skiing!!

  17. Kristal Hong

    My fav thing in winter is my sherpa blanket! So warm so soft!

  18. Rachel Crozier

    Favourite thing about winter is definitely how warm and cozy you can make it despite the cold, and up here in Canada that makes allll the difference!

  19. Julie

    You have this big production crew but no microphone!? Giiiiirl

  20. Yasmin Halta

    Favorite thing about winter is the extra snuggles with my love next to the fireplace ❤️

  21. Rima R

    I think your hair is beautiful!

  22. F DiM

    Can I have the watch 😂

  23. Meriem Ch

    Favorite thing about winter: Comfy sweaters!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Simran Kathuria

    My Favorite thing about winter: the magical feeling you experience when you wake up to your first snowfall, which then means you get to wear beautiful oversized sweaters and you get to burn warm candles in your house and make warm tea. Winter is just that introspective part of the year between letting go of fall and awaiting spring where you can reset your intentions and manifest your future! ❤️

  25. Alina Sanz

    Hi Jen! My favorite thing about Winter is truly having vacation from work 😬 I’m a teacher and we get 3 weeks Winter Break this allows me to fully enjoy the holidays and even host family and spend time with them cozied up watching movies eating cooking

  26. Hema Farooque

    My favourite thing about winter is the Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte and its a holiday drink that they only have during the winter monthsss. I wait every year for it!

  27. Erika J de Padua

    not sweating is my fav thing about winter 🙂

  28. Bethany Hunt

    Favourite thing about winter is definitely the outfits that you get to wear!

  29. Kacy Mah

    Is it bad I love your hair?? I didn't even think the length was awkward hahaha

  30. Lindsay Johnson

    Wait I actually like your hair rn! It’s pretty!

  31. Angelene Haviland

    My birthday is in winter! December 17! So I love planning something and getting all dressed up and celebrating with my friends!

  32. Denise Fulton

    My fav thing about the winter is cuddling up with our pups with a big fuzzy soft blanket – on the couch and catching up on trashy reality shows (90 Day Fiancé anyone?) – haha

  33. Pierangeli Simonpietri

    Going to bed under my cozy heated blanket on a cold stormy night.

  34. Courtney

    My favorite thing about winter is the fashion! Layering big sweaters with leather leggings in neutral shades with heeled booties… obsessed.

  35. Michelle Santiago

    My fave thing about winter is that i get to wear coats and boots! I live in a tropical country so wearing them is a treat! ❄️❄️❄️

  36. Katherine Dawson

    Favorite thing about winter: Duster coats!

  37. Life With Jaspreet

    CHRISTMAS is my favourite thing about winter! I loved your holiday decorating video Jen! 🙂

  38. Tijana Lovric

    My favorite thing is sewing new outfits with my mom 🧘🏻‍♀️🧵

  39. Jennifer Romero

    The fact that it’s cold and I purposely leave the windows open so my room is super cold and my husband has to come closer to me to warm up❤️❤️😈 I love him so much💗 Thank you Jen for the opportunity. Good luck everyone

  40. M. Hughes

    Favourite thing about winter: is staying inside out of snow all day with my little dog. Not a winter person 🥶

  41. Lacieface

    My favorite thing about winter is a cute pair of boots! I also love a good scarf! 💕

  42. Alondra Lara

    My favorite thing about winter is definitely the winter fashion! I LOOOVE coats, and for living in California I definitely don’t need as much coats as I own but they are my favorite thing to add to make my outfit chic!

  43. Jade Bender

    favorite thing about winter is ODing on warm cider 🙂

  44. char s

    LOVED your hair here, was shocked when you said you hated it lol. my favourite thing about winter is definitely being able to break out my winter coats/purchase new ones and be cozyyyy

  45. Carla Nichols

    Favorite thing about winters the fashion but now that I live in a warm climate, getting in the pool in December.

  46. Allison Cook

    Cozy clothes and SNOW!!

  47. Amber Benson

    favorite thing about winter is rosy cheeks from the cold

  48. Vicky Vanhesswyk

    Hi Jen favourite thing about winter is sweaters and cozying up in a super soft comfy blanket. Love the video!!

  49. Lilli Zin

    favorite thing about winter: coats coats coats!!! they have their own closet in my tiny apartment and i'm A-DDIC-TED. that + winter skincare… used to hate the winter dry skin but lines like avene cicalfate save my life. genuinely enjoy using those products and seeing the results. xoxo happy new year, jen!

  50. Cameron Nistad

    The couch with a good blanket and my dog!!!! Oh, and smores by a fire!!!

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