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  1. Vicki Kaaihili

    Yes very well done! Thank you!!! Aloha!!

  2. galaxy quest

    I'm happy, and good with life, I can still feel the connection, I really wish I didn't. It would be better for me if I found a way to completely cut the connection.

  3. Lisagirl143 H

    Thank you, yes all up in my feelings ❤wishing I wasn't wanting to just be alone🦀Thank you this was a pick me up. Good logical advice❤I always feel that he suppresses his emotions. He opens up then clams up. He is pisces.

  4. paula williams

    The other person is Scorpio and they never express any emotions at all…

  5. paula williams

    I am Cancer-Leo

  6. Refusetosellout Now

    Yeah they shared that song with me crying but they wishy washy and I can't keep this up ten years a long time .

  7. Jacqueline Graves

    Hello beautiful!appreciate you. And hear you right fron the beginning

  8. Super Trooper

    Great job Dana! Yep a Scorpio who smokes it all away
    Thank you Jeeze deep read resonates

  9. anartsil63

    Grateful for the reading 💜Happy Thanksgiving 💜💜💜

  10. Starmaker

    Aw I love Cancers. Memorable. Surprisingly emotional people. Just a tough exterior. Love you Dana. I miss the couch from u and ur sis. Finally gave it away by mistake. This year

  11. dentalfloss

    So deep. I’m a cancer sun and scorpio rising so definitely overlapping messages

  12. Kathleen McCallum

    Thank you. Yes, I moved away but feeling fine. I am indifferent to any to any who have caused me harm or used me. Forgave and am enjoying being free from toxic energies. I know who I am , what I want and what I deserve. I'm fine waiting for high vibration people. My Cancer-Leo cusp has standing strong. As far as fake soul-mates, when other's ego's and addictions run their show-then they are fake through and through. I wish no one harm but am very glad I missed the bullet. Free will all the way. I won't choose someone who is emotionally dead.

  13. Jennifer Maurice

    Don't say nothing it's the way he is all ways has bin I'm cancer hes leo 😂😱☕

  14. Donna Zucker

    Im Gemini sun, cancer moon, Leo Venus…. he’s aqua sun, sag moon and he’s very unhappily married to an older scorp.

  15. Margo Garnica

    Wow Dana… you were so clear on many points for me and who is in my life. He is cancer/Leo Cusp. I am Cancer Venus. I can't wait for Leo that's my sun sign. You are a wonderful reader and human being!

  16. Bo T

    Love the hair! Can't wait to see the rest of the message, thanks Dana!

  17. Secret Wisdom Reiki Healing

    Oh wow! 🥰❤

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