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  1. Bojan5150

    Awareness raised. A lot.

  2. Ben Jones

    I came here from snap, specifically for the comments

  3. daddy

    Imagine not looking at cleavage when someone wheres that in public…

  4. 10k subs without vids ?

    If this was real, why are the camera movements so smooth and not shaking like she’s walking around

  5. Peyton P.

    Honestly though, who doesn’t look at boobs? Men, women, everyone. It isn’t always sexual. It’s kind of a reflex. Sometimes you may look because they’re out there for the world to see in a low cut top, or maybe they’re just nice boobs and you’re either attracted to them or jealous of them. 😂

  6. Crypticexpert

    With a showoff cleavage like that, oh gee I wonder if anyone will look! HAHAH

  7. Mr. Jenkins

    What has this clip to do with 'to raise awareness' – are you kidding me? It`s basically the same as wanking in public and and claim it was about encouraging young people to get a spermiogram.

  8. Keep Smiling

    Why the F the dislikes?!!! It's a great message. and also it's funny AF. chill out you fellow fellas

  9. Tom 262

    I would have a look too at that God's work :-*

  10. Antonio Pitts

    Its meant to be funny you guys. Calm the fuck down.

  11. Tyrone Johnson

    Maybe don’t wear ravelling clothing???

  12. Roberto Rodriguez

    Shouldn’t their faces be blurred

  13. Dawson Hall

    Save the tatas! Even if we're still unsure weather we should be looking at them or not…

  14. Baalaaxa

    See, women stare too, but it's only wrong if a man looks at them titties. Personally I'm never rude about it but come on, if you present them on a platter then don't take an offense when peeps check'em out. They're beautiful, they can cheer a fella's day; or baby's. Please take good care of them breasts, everyone hates cancer.

  15. Rob Lee

    Well played! 👍👏

  16. iera

    I literally hate everything about this video

  17. antoine Sueur

    it's sad that they didn't have to stage the video but they did anyways lol

  18. Дана К

    с открытыми декольте думаю любой посмотрит))

  19. Kleineslon Slon

    Ага, прям только на неё и смотрят 🤣🤣

  20. Onur Güler


  21. PTEJohno

    It’s an amazing rack, of course people will look

  22. what them

    If you don't want people to stare, cover it up.

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