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  1. Lila. Moonlight

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one suffering from dry skin

  2. Raquel Mota

    Once I had one of those tests and the man was like
    -oh u are allergic to all
    And I was like
    -no I’m not cause I use it on my face everyday and every thing is ok
    It turns out that I was allergic to the adhesive

  3. Mason Haynes

    I had one done for makeup,specifically show makeup as my skin would always swell after dance shows….

    I was allergic to all 17 tested

  4. aFICTIONado

    I’ve had allergic reactions to every type of lipstick I’ve tried (except for Bite lipstick, which is literally food grade) which sucks because I’m a dancer and have to use bright red lipstick on the regular, but I’ve never actually gotten tested to see what the problem is

  5. Emely Nwk

    I had the same test as the girls but the only thing that I‘m allergic to was the patches 🙄

  6. SuKi Art

    and I am that person, who is allergic to the glue of the tape 😀

  7. Ann SAU

    Or its just the fckn chemicals aka poisons that you react to. Those things dont have to be in there in the first place.

  8. DogsAreCuteAnd PupsAreAdorable

    I can literally only use baby lotion and baby shampoo because my skin is so sensitive 😑

  9. Dustyn Jeffrey MUA

    Well.. that was anticlimactic

  10. DistantDeadWorlds

    But why 48 hours?

  11. Faith ASMR / ASMR for life

    I’m like Chloe I have exama I am ALWAYS inchy

  12. Daniella Diaz

    Yea glue probably doesn’t belong around your eyes

  13. Cadi Morgans-Free

    Tbh its not as bad as being allergic to peanuts!

  14. Georgiie

    I wonder how Swasti reacted to vaccines as a baby with a thimerosal allergy
    And that’s such a pain because it’s in so much other stuff.

  15. Kaylen V

    Im allergic to fragrance… Aka EVERYTHING

  16. cute editing

    2:58 I love that gurls sweater omgg

  17. Thia P

    Who else got itchy watching this?

  18. sophie kate

    Omg I thought as/is was a,s slash I,s

  19. pancake pancake

    When people say "itch" instead of scratch it s l i g h t l y triggers me bc itch is a sensation and scratch is something you do

  20. Lilli Johnson

    I need to get allergy tested again. Y'all have no idea how many times I've been allergy tested…

  21. Alezandra Davila

    I wonder if the other girl would get a vi peel it helped my acne

  22. Graces world

    i been poked before when i was 11 their drama queens it hurt and i was good and didn't move

  23. Elise Duus


  24. Ren Gonz

    I just found out I’m allergic to mango. Apparently they aren’t supposed to make you itchy

  25. Mari Flores

    I have eczema to girl.

  26. Leah Ginsburg


  27. Charlotte The Potato

    I have eczema too but its not bad now and I also have the chronic disease of Asthma (As-Ma)

  28. Sunshine

    kelsey i feel you

  29. hdhfu ncnc

    i have exima in my stomach

  30. xbillie

    *im not allergic to anything*

  31. e_cameron _12

    I’m allergic to
    Crayola fine tip markers
    Some trees

    yes I am allergic to chocolate, don’t kill meh

  32. Sksksksksk Skskskskskk

    I’m allergic to makeup just found out today , I got ready did my make up and my face was itchy I didn’t think nothing of it till i went in the shower and got ready for bed And I looked in the mirror, my face was full on swollen and I could hardly open one eye my face also had bits of redness in some areas x

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